Zhejiang Telecom to push the new super fast broadband mobile phone family package full flow Era t420s

Zhejiang Telecom to push the new super fast broadband mobile phone family package full flow era recently, Zhejiang China Telecom introduced family packages: enjoy a package, the package includes super flow, ultra fast broadband, and the whole family together to enjoy. In addition, the package to implement a full flow billing way, that is, telephone, text messages into traffic, unified billing. This initiative will mean that China Telecom Zhejiang users will usher in the era of full flow management. Zhejiang China Telecom launched a new model of family "full flow" of the so-called "full flow accounting" refers to how much time, produced a total of charges in the calculation of the monthly users to call and send text messages, data flow, for telephone billing will no longer be in accordance with the user how many minutes to calculate, for SMS billing will no longer according to a total of a few messages to billing, but to take the initiative to call the call time, send SMS to be equivalent to mobile traffic, then, coupled with the use of user data traffic, calculate how much this month. The move to allow users to better use of large flow within the package, and the user can enjoy vice card 9 yuan purchase 5G traffic promotions. For users, on the one hand, the new package is more simplified, you only need to know the total flow amount can be, no longer need to distinguish voice, SMS, traffic data packages, the package content is easy to understand; on the other hand, the whole traffic accounting package, the package does not appear to order flow is not enough, but sometimes with no voice the end of the situation; or flow out, but with no end of the message. In addition, the full flow of billing packages are the national traffic flow, the corresponding conversion of the voice call is also a national call, you do not need to distinguish between local calls, long distance or roaming calls. Among them, 1MB traffic =1 minutes nationwide call =1 sms. In this way, the user can use the phone, SMS traffic. Super fast broadband parity home reportedly, enjoy home gift packages users ultra fast optical ultra fast broadband broadband benefits for all home users, this is a milepost in the process of the development of home broadband. The rapid network has been elusive into thousands of households, which means that ordinary families can have the ultimate Internet experience, let the user enter a new Internet era. As the country’s largest broadband based business operators, Telecom has been focused on improving the quality of Broadband over the years. Compared to other operators, China Telecom Tianyi broadband is more stable, on the basis of stability for Internet users can fully experience the ultra fast speed. A new generation of family oriented package for the current generation of Tianyi enjoy home coverage is gradually expanding, according to the user’s monthly traffic grade can choose different models. For example, 219 yuan to enjoy the music home package, the package contains 100M broadband access, 9G large flow (4G national traffic +5G local traffic), more Tianyi 4K ultra clear. No matter how you send text messages, phone calls, all in the form of flow equivalent billing, unified billing. Traffic charges, large flow of the whole family together. If you do not have enough traffic over the month, can handle the sub card sharing traffic, only 1 yuan per month deputy card. Fully meet the different age groups.相关的主题文章: