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Zhang Yishan "sin" was off the shelf? Many of the web series was "more than" the crime of rectification was off the shelf "Yu sin" Sina entertainment news 9 news, recently popular network drama "Yu" in the crime of broadcast platform quietly off the shelf, let the play Zhang Yishan adult [micro-blog] once again flourishing, young starred in "families with children" in business the new machine. The net friend found that, in addition to the "sin", "the division of crime" "Diablo 2" and so on a number of network drama is also on the shelf. It is understood that after the beginning of "Princess promotion" "Tomb notes" and other web series by SARFT ordered rectification under the frame, this is the second batch of this year is required rectification under the framework of network drama. On the more than sin was off the shelf, broadcast platform official responded that: due to the content will be modified to adjust, is now off the assembly line, the subsequent on-line time notice. The Sina entertainment to more than the crime drama party staff asked that, because the content to be modified to adjust, after the adjustment will also be on the line. Argument and platform generally no two. Following the beginning of the first wave of the shelf drama Princess "network promotion" "psychological" sins "soul ferry 2" "Tomb notes" "Diablo" "exploration spirit archives", this is the second batch of network drama shelf rectification. It is understood that, in addition to the "sin", "the division of crime" "Diablo 2" and many other network drama was also under the shelf.相关的主题文章: