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Zhang Ruimin private chat: how the strategic transition of the Internet – home appliances – People’s network in the Chinese business community, Zhang Ruimin has been a legend. From the beginning of 1984, the Qingdao general refrigerator factory Zhang Ruimin, Haier has been in charge of this collective enterprise has 32 years. Today, the tide of mobile Internet ferocious, China manufacturing big brands were young and small art and impact; sharing economy, O2O, network, broadcast, personal IP red…… The new economy public figure. In such a period of strategic confusion, Zhang Ruimin faces more thinking: who will be the new commander of Haier? Haier how strategic transformation? Haier’s internationalization of how to go? The author has a deep talk with Mr. Zhang Ruimin. How to transform the process of strategic confusion? Li Guangdou: Chinese market economy to a strategic confusion, before we do on how to do the market, there is a consensus brand; but now suddenly find that we are entering a multidimensional world, the tide of mobile Internet entrepreneurs feel to be taken by surprise, everyone’s sense of direction. In such a confused period of strategy, how to find the direction of the enterprise, Haier’s next step to where to go? Zhang Ruimin: Mobile Internet era, why the confusion of strategy? The reason is very simple, that is, we all follow the classic economic management theory, the Internet era has subverted. The old order is broken and the new system is not perfect. Before the brand strategy, publicity oriented, who has big who to listen to, condescending, self-centered, to instill customer. The traditional economy is economies of scale, the larger the cost, the lower the cost. The larger the market share, the stronger the brand. Take me as the center, I have more customers, I am the brand, followed by the economies of scale, I want to scale. And it is from the scale economy into the economic community, from economies of scale, you can be a brand name, but you never know who is your customer, because you never had anything to do with your customer interactions, I introduced to include strong brand publicity, after the brand story, people to buy my goods I, to sell it; but you don’t contact the customer, you are a distribution channel. Producers, sellers and consumers of products are separated. But now I’m social economy, I must know who you are, you must also be involved in my brand, from the customer to the customer name anonymous, interactive user is completely different between the. From the traditional economy to the Internet economy, this is not a gap problem, but from the earth came to the space, so confused on the confused here. The original approach fails, do not know what is the new approach, certainly confused. This is a reality, but for all businesses, you continue to wait for confusion, then you die. The only thing you have to do is to subvert yourself and change yourself. The classical management theory, boils down to two, the first assembly line, the second is the bureaucracy, which is how to do after the subversion of the two? I gave a speech in Vienna last year to entrepreneurs in Europe, causing great repercussions. So you see we are not confused, the world’s enterprises are confused. We have removed more than ten thousand middle layers相关的主题文章: