You hard to beat me, but my velvet skirt is too beautiful! (video) mentalist

You hard to beat me, but my velvet skirt is too beautiful! There is such a kind of fabric, usually after it with single product will become elegant connotation, it has a unique retro atmosphere, give a person a kind of feeling uninhibited, full of classical and romantic. In a word all the beautiful words are always associated with it, it is velvet (VELVET). Beckham’s own show a velvet skirt, a show put on. New York fashion week 2017: Victoria Beckham soft velvet China sexy supermodel velvet dress in the wind China azaleas choose to attend the event, it is not expensive to elegant. Ma Sichun is wearing a sandro2016 winter velvet dress collocation of white lace straps Tee, fashion is full of vitality. Fan Bingbing wore a Luisa Beccaria velvet skirt elegant atmosphere. Some time ago to get cousin Liu Wen chose a velvet suit, handsome and sexy. Coincidentally, Tilda Swinton dress is a velvet suit, filling the queen temperament. Cara Delevingne is a selection of the velvet and lace dress skirt, white collar is one of many. A history of prior to 2000, will be popular velvet. In the middle ages and Renaissance, it is a symbol of nobility, of course, only the aristocracy can afford. Although the velvet was not so expensive, but it still has its own unique charm and texture. Until this winter will be blowing a velvet fashionable wind. Monse2016 Valentino2016 and Luisa Becaria2016 in autumn and winter, autumn and winter! Velvet dress is preferred. The number of the most amazing, can wear the long season, a variety of other collocation. Suspender dress is the most worthy of. With long or short sleeves in a stack to wear, can be like Riri dressed in a thick coat can be worn for longer periods of time. In addition to the velvet dress, you can choose a handsome velvet jacket: Cool velvet coat and velvet trousers: Senior all-match: there has been in the forefront of fashion: a large velvet velvet suit cannot hold, you can start small items to start. For example, velvet bag: Velvet shoes, there is always a stunning enough to keep you in the crowd. Too much of a single product has been rotten to the streets to hide all the time, but it can make you have a beautiful low-key elegance, highly lethal.相关的主题文章: