Xi’an, a district more than one night was burglary police investigation ajviewer

Xi’an, a district more than one night burglary was involved in the investigation of a large number of households in Xi’an, a cell night burglary was a burglary. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Wang Jin Zhang Kun) into the winter, and to the time of the fire alarm, we must carefully check all doors and windows before going to sleep at night, can not give thieves can take advantage of the machine. In November 8th, Ms. Wang met in a small New Century Avenue, West Ham side, recalled last night through the dangerous moment, she is still a lingering fear. Residents Ms. Wang: "Oh, I think now afraid of dying, I am a person at home, my bag was on the table in the living room, you now to pull me to the ground, turn out of order." Yes, yesterday evening, Ms. Wang’s house into a thief, the other while Ms. Wang was sleeping, the house upside down, a few packs containing cash and spared, the thief’s behavior to let Ms. Wang feel fantastic. Ms. Wang: "it lost more than 2 thousand dollars, but I only feel ridiculous is that also left me 200 dollars, I do not know what it means, is not my poor." Carefully check several backpack, Ms. Wang found that the thief not only deliberately left 200 dollars, and the bag change ID card bank card will not move, see, when turning package, the thief is one by one to do the screening, so calm and relaxed, as can be imagined the thief’s much courage. Ms. Wang: other doors and windows are closed, the kitchen with this piece of the child I had to leave the gap is not the same, must be moved." Ms. Wang living area the total height is 5 layer, two layer on her home near the staircase, and the vaulted glass plate in front of the building, the reporter found a clear shoe, because the shoe is just After rain the sky looks blue., there may be a burglar left yesterday. Subsequently, the reporter also met Ms. sun, she lived in a house adjacent to Wang and last night’s theft, she is one of them, and because the first floor of the house, the thief’s entry is more simple. District residents Ms. Sun: up in the morning, because the bag is placed here, but open, wallet stole 900 dollars, (Apple) mobile phone on the table is gone." Ms. Sun: "you see, there are footprints, and then climb up, I have not closed the window, there is no fence." According to the police investigation, on the night of the theft, Ms. Wang, they live in the new West Ham Silk Road Jintai Garden District a total of 4 households stolen, but this figure does not include those thieves can’t steal into the residents of the home. Area residents: the window was pushed away, we began to think about whether we push ourselves, and finally found not, pushed so much a seam." At present, the Xianyang Public Security Bureau of Interpol team has been involved in the investigation, this is to remind the general public, rest the night before, please check your own doors and windows, do not give a thief to take advantage of the machine.相关的主题文章: