Wonderful Wizard from this thing you can see whether there is a blessing reshacker

Miao Xiang master: it will be able to see whether you have blessed Buddha said parents are "Futian" (source: Phoenix Buddha Buddhism) the parents as Futian pointed out, we should spare no effort to support parents, this is correct. Some people often say, "why is there no blessing in my life?" In fact, if you look at what you do with your parents, you can see if you are blessed. Some people say: "I do business is not smooth." Are you doing business, money and filial piety to parents on the same position? Some rich, afraid of parents thought he had the idea of money etc.. There is only a little support, but not really, nothing more than to give some money, but the language of the collision, arrogance, that parents do not understand anything. This is a kind of unfilial, finally lead to the business can not go on, or is subject to all sorts of obstacles of retribution. So we want to business success, there are a variety of things, including around the leadership of the trust and so on, should be dedicated to your parents. If you are filial to their parents, or is not filial, not perfect in every respect your work there will be twists and turns. Some children have to take an examination of the University, if the child does not honor their parents, even if the test in the future, the results will soon come down. Some poor academic performance and not respect their parents. If we want to change this situation, we should review ourselves from everything. See yourself not smooth place, we must know something missing in this piece of the support of futian. If you do this, everything will go well. For example, their children do not honor their own, very angry, then you should check to check whether your parents filial piety, the language is a collision? Children with who? Sometimes with parents. Parents are not good for the elderly, and asked the children to their own good, it is impossible. We should know that this cause and effect is terrible. Parents as Fukuda is very correct, is also very rare rare, the world people are very seriously, the Buddha more attention to this. Why do we have to pay attention to the parents of this Fukuda? Because we can be blessed by parents, newspaper, "filial piety" is the word itself is a great part of buddhism. What is filial piety? The Dharma teaches us to respect our parents and stay away from the heart, to honor all the people by honoring their parents, and to achieve the purpose of separation from the parents by honoring their parents. Therefore, the Buddha said that this filial piety, is to quit filial piety, which is very correct. If the parents of this together care is not in place, we will lose a lot of blessings. Said his blessing is insufficient, or karma is not good, the main reason is a dedication to honor their parents, this child can not. Although some do, but not perfect, and some even do not, this is the reason we can’t be the. This blessing newspaper, it has no master, all over the floor. The world people say "wealth run everywhere, see you can’t find". How to find wealth? You can use the filial piety to find wealth in the precepts to find wealth, this is the safest and most direct, is the most useful, and the sooner the better. This is our real fukuda. [introduction] Miao Xiang master mage, Liaoning Haicheng Dabei temple abbot. The home of buddhism.相关的主题文章: