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Please help to find the hacker woman "disappeared" boyfriend cheated 5800 yuan – Beijing for mobile phone number only boyfriend know, fight to be deleted WeChat, mobile phone is pulled into the blacklist, Luzhou 23 year old girl Zhao Li (a pseudonym) began to seek the online postings, said the "positioning" for people, and successfully applied to QQ a business management staff. But over and over again for each other to remit 5800 yuan of the total business management fee and confidentiality agreement fee, the other sent me a map of the sea, will own out, Zhao Li realized that her boyfriend did not find themselves cheated. Zhao Li said her boyfriend is a liar, his behavior is to spend money to hire a liar to find a liar". The 40 year old boyfriend disappeared 23 year old girlfriend looking for a boyfriend Zhao Li has disappeared for a month, because only know each other mobile phone number, WeChat was deleted after Zhao Li had completely lost contact with each other. Zhao Li introduction, in March of this year, she met the 40 year old boyfriend, Shi Shi, boyfriend claiming to be a man of Anhui, settled in Hangzhou, because the work of long-term relations in Chengdu, Luzhou and other places. Two young people, although the age gap of 17 years, but soon established a relationship. Half a year later, Zhao Li learned that Mr. Shi had married, had two sons. It’s hard to accept the fact that Zhao Li is running around and questioning each other. However, Mr. Shi will soon delete her WeChat, the phone is also black, no longer contact. First love boyfriend Mr. stone, on the "disappeared". Zhao Li said that he was too stupid, and her boyfriend in the 9 months, the boyfriend does not like to ask their own questions, they really obediently do not ask anything. Help the network "hacker" less than half the first boyfriend cheated 5800 yuan no words disappear, Zhao Li started looking around, a month later, still unable to contact Mr. stone. 10 at noon, Zhao Li in the online search "how to search", a reply to a Baidu Post Bar in, let her eyes: "with QQ:xxxxx, mobile phone positioning professional hackers to find people, sincere service, the credibility of the first." A few words, Zhao Li saw hope. 1:30 pm, Zhao Li added the hacker QQ. That had come, "hackers" that can be found in Mr. Shi’s name, address and ID number through the mobile phone number, and only requires a one-time payment of 800 yuan, and promised not to find "a full refund". After bargaining, Zhao Li to "hackers" provide account called 400 yuan deposit, get a do not see any information of the aerial views, somewhere on the map marked red writing: "mobile phone No. XXXX real-time positioning". Hackers told Zhao Li, if you want to know the other location, you need to pay the tail. While Zhao Li was waiting to receive details, the hacker suddenly asked her, "are you working with us for the first time?" After getting a positive answer, "hackers" said that the need to sign a confidentiality agreement, and pay a deposit of 2000 yuan, can be returned later. This sudden, let Zhao Li some doubts, "every day we are on the edge of the law by the roll, man is the conscience, do.相关的主题文章: