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Why the human baby is the most stupid, but adults are so smart, brain science and technology Sohu Q- the entire human species, there is no doubt that IQ in the animal kingdom is The Legendary Swordsman. Tell the story, art, science and technology development, city construction, space exploration, all be nothing difficult. Although humans exist on earth for a short time than other species, there is no match for achievement. Humans will use other animals as food, do experiments with other animals, have bigger holes, and even want to use genetic techniques to resurrect extinct species. However, the wisdom of the human young, but among all the animals of the cubs, the most stupid (MOE). For an hour to a giraffe after the baby was born in standing, born on the first day to avoid predators; the monkey cub Can Hold Mommy’s Maomao, hanging in Mommy’s tummy, food safety problems and one-stop solution; in contrast, human newborn pups, and even the head lift not… Adorable?! The evolution of human intelligence has not been plagued by Celeste Kidd. As the development of cognitive scientist at the University of Rochester, she currently works mainly focus on the acquisition and decision making process of the children. Through years of observation, she lamented the complexity of the average level of intelligence of children. But when she turned to the baby, but was disappointed to find that, a helpless human cub, only a variety of hem. So stupid Meng, is how in just a few years time, the development of complex intelligence level? One day, she threw the question to her colleague Steven Piantadosi. The two scientists hope to find a reasonable explanation. The other primate animal, such as the chimpanzee cub, has been able to seize the mother. This is a paradox (someone else’s child…). A person of infancy, the weakest of all primates. But as time goes by, the speed of intellectual development is amazing. Perhaps this is not a paradox, perhaps a causal association. In the June issue of the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Kidd and Piantadosi published an article describing the paradox in detail. Their point of view is that human beings are so intelligent that humans are so wise; the former is the premise of the latter. This conclusion is not surprising, with no predecessors. It has been a long time for the particularity of the newborn and its significance in the history of evolution. Humans are viviparous mammals, is a sub set of mammals, which produce offspring through childbirth. This means that the fetus must be mature in the mother before birth. Typically, the mammalian brain and brain capacity are positively correlated. notes相关的主题文章: