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Why is the long march five "big rocket"? Beijing, Wenchang, November (reporter Vivian Chow and Bai Guolong) on November 3rd, the long march five launch vehicle in Wenchang, China launched a successful launch of the space launch site. As China’s upgrading of the carrier rocket Long March five milepost project, the successful first flight task implementation, marking China’s rocket carrying capacity into the international advanced list, China from space powers towards space powers. Long march five is commonly known as the space shuttle rocket". Why is this called? What is special about Long March five? Why is it a milestone project for the upgrading of China’s launch vehicle? Xinhua News Agency reporter to take you to understand this unusual big rocket". The largest diameter, the highest carrying capacity of the long march five launch vehicle shape, with a total length of about 57 meters, the arrow body diameter of up to 5 meters, while the previous active rocket body diameter of the largest only about 3.35 meters. The long march five is not only the highest and largest rocket in our country, but also the most powerful rocket. Zhao Jian, deputy director of the national defense science and Industry Bureau of Aerospace Systems Engineering Division said, long march five the new rocket body structure, core diameter of 5 meters, breaking 40 years of China’s traditional rocket 3.35 meters in diameter, a large number of breakthroughs in key technologies, innovative technology difficulties, large span, high complexity, representative the highest level of China’s rocket science and technology innovation. Long march five launch vehicle in 2006, the state formally approved the development of the project, can be described as ten years grinding an arrow". Long march five rocket takeoff quality of about 870 tons, with a near earth orbit of 25 tons, geosynchronous transfer orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons, compared with the active long march B rocket carrying capacity increased by a factor of 2.5 times. The success of the first flight of the long march five, a substantial increase in the ability of China’s independent access to space, the Chinese rocket into the world, including the United States and Russia, the world’s main rocket camp. Chinese manned space station, the future lunar exploration three, and Mars, will use the long march rocket number five. The design and development of new rocket technology is a high risk cause. The long march rocket number five is not only big, but also a new technology, which means it than any previous models of the long march rocket to complex. Compared with the previous rocket, the long march five launch vehicle is a newly developed rocket, the core technology has completely independent intellectual property rights. The 247 major key new technologies, such as the large diameter arrow structure and the coupling vibration suppression of the large low temperature tied rocket, are of high proportion in the new technology. Before the long march rocket parts used up to tens of thousands, and the long march five the use of parts of ten a. Its design is more than 3.5 times the previous rocket. In response to this new challenge, the long march five uses a fully digital three-dimensional design method, fine to the size and location of each screw can be seen at a glance. "Big heart": 120 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine cannot do without high thrust rocket. The long march five rocket stood 20 storeys high, takeoff mass of about 878 tons, to lift such a heavy big guy, require large thrust engine. Liquid rocket相关的主题文章: