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Why do you eat your baby? – the 1 year old mother and child within the Sohu always like to eat hands, which, some mothers worry. In fact, one year old baby to eat the hand, is the normal performance of the mouth, if the parents too much to stop, will cause a delay in the mouth desire, is not conducive to the development of the baby. Why do babies eat hands? The first year after birth, the baby becomes " oral " is the first stage of personality development. They strongly need a sense of security and a strong need for sucking, especially at bedtime. For newborn babies, sucking fingers is normal: on the one hand can give the baby to bring comfort, reduce anxiety; on the other hand, the baby had a sucking reflex and demand, is not the same as the suction finger the satisfaction and the feeling of milk, so even eat, the baby will suck finger. 1 year old baby to eat the benefits of the baby within one year of age, eating hand is an inevitable stage of growth and development. Eating hands is the best way to learn about the world and the world. Do not let the baby within four years of age may hinder the development of children, less than the following benefits, will make the baby stupid oh! 1, the world’s first cognition and confidence because the infant baby is to see the world through the mouth. If the parents in the three months to start blocking the baby to eat hand, baby’s mental development will be affected is very large, grow up to become suspicious, timid and lack of self-confidence. 2, happy and stable mood for the little baby, eating hand can eliminate the baby’s restlessness, irritability, tension, with sedation. Sucking fingers can bring him comfort, they can start sucking fingers, get some sort of pleasure, even if the mother is not around, he can not eat nipple reassurance. 3, the more you eat the more clever baby in the hands of eating, can strengthen the sense of touch, smell and taste stimulation, promote the development of the nervous function, which is a signal of the development of baby intelligence. 4, exercise hand eye coordination to eat finger coordination exercise baby hand flexibility and hand eye. Special reminder: less than 1 years old baby does not suck the finger is not normal. Sucking is a normal phenomenon in the process of each baby’s growth, if the baby in the home to 6 months old, there is no finger sucking behavior appears, it may be abnormal behavior. Parents need a lot of observation, and even try to hold the baby’s hand, put his mouth, let him try to take a look. 1 years old baby eat hand how to do? Baby to 4, 5, June age, under the guidance of parents learned to use their hands, seize what will be sent to the mouth. My parents began to tangle, not afraid of poisoning what health ah, ah, but bad gums and so on. In fact, I want to congratulate parents: the baby and progress! Their coordination ability has been further developed. Parents need to pay attention to the choice of easy to clean the toys, to maintain good health. If you do not let the baby to eat during this period, the mouth is not satisfied, will make the baby’s psychological development in the future, may lead to the baby’s future相关的主题文章: