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Who broke the calm of the global stock market? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find the Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming after very quiet after the summer, the market with a sudden crash awakened investors sleeping almost touch. After the black Friday, black Monday appears to be the law: Asia Pacific stock markets fell across the board yesterday, the Japanese stock market Nikkei 225 index fell by 1.7%, to close at 16672.92 points. Korean stock market composite index fell more than 2%, China’s Hongkong Hang Seng Index fell more than 3%. European stock markets opened sharply lower, the British stock market, fell nearly 2% intraday, the international oil prices plunged on Friday after yesterday, intraday again fell more than 2%. Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist wrote in the report, the global stock market may face short-term selling pressure of about $52 billion, of which half of the stock market in the u.s.. On Friday, the U.S. stock market fell 2%, the global market fell on Monday. For this phenomenon, the United States One River Asset Management chief investment officer Eric Peters believes that the central mother who tried to suppress the market volatility, like Yuhenantian "monster", but easing actions cause the financial system more fragile. Under the dual impact of negative interest rates and leverage trading strategy, the volatility of all assets have been magnified 10 times. Further, the global financial markets ushered in a wave of selling, the market is due to investors worried that the Fed may consider raising interest rates soon, but also began to question whether the central bank policy has reached the limit. In fact, the monsters seem to have begun to take over, the Boston Fed chairman Eric Rosengren believes that in order to prevent overheating, there is a reasonable reason to tighten interest rates policy. The European Central Bank President Delagi just said, the European Central Bank is no need additional stimulus, while lowering the European Central Bank to expand the asset purchase prospects. "The king of new debt, said two capital CEO Derek just think it is time for investors to meet higher interest rates to the Fed’s intention outside to prove that they are not be guided by the market, so investors will not raise interest rates may be in that when choosing the action. Rosenberg was once the chief strategist at Merrill Lynch, is recognized as one of the industry’s most authoritative experts, in his view, the crash has been unable to reverse. "If only the Fed may raise interest rates, that is to say, but the valuation of the stock market is now very high, but investors are full of feeling very pleased with oneself." Is the market turmoil reminiscent of gold, gold or a hedge against risk? NetEase precious metals chief strategist Yu Chenglong said that the market for the Fed’s interest rate hike in September is still a key factor in the change in the price of gold and silver. In view of the Fed’s interest rate expectations, risk aversion and promote the gold demand increases, the price of gold and silver and gold and silver pattern down the short-term bull market will not affect the "golden nine silver ten" will come to. At present, based on the market price of the Fed’s interest rate hike is extremely volatile, but on相关的主题文章: