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family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand often see many children by adults inadvertently locked home, or bear children themselves in the house locked the door and don’t know how to open. Outside the adult children fear exacerbated the panic, leading to unnecessary danger. The most common is locked in the home of the child, panic will do the most dangerous behavior is to climb the balcony, climb the window. See a mother of the ignorance of consequences to the mother house rubbish, just put down the garbage, the wind blew the door shut, panic mother door, opened the door to his 3 year old son, a child accidentally turn on the lock, how can not open. The child did not know what had happened, the mother has been ignorant of the comfort of the house: "son, do not be afraid, my mother called his father to save you." The child in a click, look around the house alone, mother comforting words become a dangerous signal, the child afraid to shoot the door, open the door for me, "Mom, I’m afraid!" "My son is not afraid. My father will be here soon. Don’t climb up the stool……" Mother warned the words to become a guide, the child crying moved a stool, climbed to the windowsill to find his mother, the results did not fence fence, the child went on like this…… Every year a lot of children because of being locked in the family tragedy. If the home installed guardrail, if the child did not confound adults, he will be frightened, resulting in psychological shadow, no sense of security. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay at home alone. In general, the 6 year old child due to mental immaturity, a single person at home will be afraid, if coupled with adult panic, the child will be excessive fear due to excessive behavior. If the child has no intention of being locked at home, don’t let the children feel afraid to be saved. Look at the following mother’s practice, really too good! One day, Xiao Ling mother rushed out to see clients pulled shut the door after bad! Forget the small Ling grandmother went out to buy food did not come back, Xiao Ling dad had to go to work, turned over a handbag tragedy, he forgot to bring the key! At this point, the house is still sitting on the ground Xiao Ling banana, do not know what happened! Ling Ling grandma’s phone, "hello!" Tears again collapsed, the house of the small Ling answered the phone, grandma did not take the phone out! Calm, calm, do not panic, we can think of a way…… "Xiao Ling, mother wants to play a game with you?" "Okay, mom!" Hear to play the game, Linda in high spirits. "Mom now want to play a game with you this treasure, treasure to you a person, this baby is a bunch of keys to find the mother, gave her mother into the grass downstairs. When the mother returned to the house on behalf of success, after the success of your mother to reward you for the weekend to play a paradise." "Wow, well, Xiao Ling likes it best!" First of all, the first is to treasure her pictures相关的主题文章: