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Weekly, Apple shares fell materialism, and collective confession – Sohu technology Nora events of the week "Apple 7 will not be flooded, but the designer mind like water." Our case is near the end, Wang Xin still confessed "I was paranoid that I don’t have the subjective crime after a lapse of eight months, the Haidian court yesterday morning to continue hearing Nora company and the company CEO Wang Xin, dissemination of pornographic materials case. Lasted nearly three hours of trial, Nora company lawyer pleaded guilty, Wang Xin said to take this opportunity to apologize to our users, known as the case of industry self-regulation, warning, Zhang Kedong Niu Wenju expressed his sincere repentance admit, past legal consciousness, hoping to get a lighter punishment. In the face of social responsibility and the interests of the company, I have more choice of the interests of the company." The scene of the trial, Nora founder, CEO Wang Xin said, did not plead guilty, because he thought he did not have a crime on the subjective. But after the first trial, after a long time of thinking and understanding of the social response, he gradually realized that the existence of a one-sided idea. The prosecution pointed out that before the hearing, Nora company and the defendant Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong and Niu Wenju have recognized the nature of their crime, clear confession, repentance, and submit the confession of repentance. The defendant Wu Ming Nora company does not dispute the facts of the crime, but the nature of their behavior has some excuse. IPhone: Hot reservation and the price we burst down spit slots are on Apple (Ku) fruit (Ke) deep love? "On September 8th at one o’clock in the morning, apple held the 2016 worldwide new conference, released a new generation of iPhone, and to open the appointment yesterday. IPhone 7 Plus which uses a new dual camera design. The second major change was to cancel the 3.5mm headset interface and then to the Lightning interface. At the same time launched a new wireless headset, the new AirPods. Two models are gray, gold and silver, black and gold rose five colors, there are three kinds of memory capacity options, 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. IPhone 7 is priced at $5388, iPhone 7 Plus from $6388. Information display, booking open about half an hour after, bright black version of the apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the first to shop the appointment are full, including Beijing, Shanghai, the apple store store. Where iPhone 7 Plus bright black delivery time has been shown to be expected in November, and the rest of the black, silver, gold and rose gold is the color of the 3-4 week four. IPhone 7 series, bright black models show delivery time is expected to be 4-6 weeks, the rest of the majority of the majority of the four colors displayed as September 16th service, the individual color configuration shown as 6-8 working days". We buy iP.相关的主题文章: