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The US Department of defense has confirmed the death of IS third, the "information minister" of Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party armed with an American flag on a base near the border with Turkey and Syria. Figure IC eastern United States Department of Defense said 16 days, the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) were killed in an air strike "and" information minister "who recently in the United States led the union army. The The Pentagon 16 day also confirmed that the U.S. military has deployed dozens of special forces soldiers in the border area of northern Syria, to help Turkey to "identify" fight against extremist organization Islamic state armed opposition ". This is believed to be the first time the United States to send ground troops to cooperate with Turkey in Syria to fight against the Islamic state". According to Xinhua news agency, > > related to the United States special forces and soil for the first time in the Syrian territory cooperation The Pentagon spokesman Geoff · Davies said that Turkey should request, the military has deployed some special forces soldiers to northern Syria, and where the armies of Turkey a "discrimination" armed opposition. Turkey last month, 24, crossed into the northern part of Syria, to carry out the code named "young hair shield" military action, trying to clear the Syrian border near the Islamic state militants and other terrorist organizations. According to the United States, the United States special forces mission is to expand the removal of the Turkey army to provide advice and assistance. Davies did not specify the specific number of soldiers deployed special forces, only to disclose the size of dozens of people, he did not say how long the operation will last. The Associated Press reported that this is the first American soldiers and soldiers of the Turkey side by side missions in the territory of Syria. Half a month to second successful strike U.S. Defense Department spokesman Peter · Cook said in a statement the same day, the US led coalition forces in the north of the city 7 days this month in the Islamic state of Syria, near the headquarters of La extremist organization information minister who successfully carried out precision strike. The statement said, Wael is the Islamic state organization member of the leadership, work closely with the organization had been killed former spokesman A De Nani, is mainly responsible for the producer of the extremist organization propaganda use of torture and execution of prisoners video. American Broadcasting Company quoted unnamed U.S. officials said the United States believes, who may be the Islamic state organization number three, can through special channels to contact the organization, leader baghdadi. U.S. Department of Defense said that this is the United States led coalition forces in the past second months, the successful completion of the Islamic state senior leaders to strike. U.S. Defense Department had said in a statement, Islamic state, former spokesman Adnane killed in an air raid in August 30th. Since 2014, Adnane is responsible for the publicity and planning of foreign terrorist attacks in the Islamic state, earlier this year, he has released recordings in the network during Ramadan, calling on his followers to launch an attack in the world. U.S. National Broadcasting Corporation has quoted unnamed U.S. military and intelligence officials said the United States government once considered A De, a greater threat than the presence of Nani. The Syrian armed opposition with the American flag "disaster" the flag of the United States recently in the war.相关的主题文章: