Two brothers truck tire side slip when the high-speed traffic police catch the swineherd – Beijing

"Two brothers" truck tire side slip when the high-speed traffic police "catch the swineherd" – the new network for truck rollover, confound pigs were rushed to the police after the roadside emergency belt. Zhou Guorui photo Beijing, Zhoukou, November 13, (Zhao Hui Zhou Guorui) reporter 13 from Henan Zhoukou police detachment was informed that the team 12 high-speed accident brigade successfully disposed of with "pig slip speed" event, not only to restore the loss for truck drivers, but also to avoid the occurrence of high-speed traffic accidents. November 12th at 13:20 PM, a bus carrying 30 pigs in Zhoukou because of tire and truck rollover Ningluo high-speed 478KM (northern half), 30 pigs frightened scurrying on the highway, brought great risks to passing traffic. After receiving the alarm call, Zhoukou high-speed traffic police detachment brigade police rushed to the scene of the accident rescue. Rushed to the scene, saw the rollover truck occupy the overtaking lane, a group of "two brothers" was gathered in the highway, the rear car slow slow traffic, the truck driver is to prevent the "two brothers" run around. For high-speed police holding branches, running on the road to pigs. Photo by Zhou Guorui police immediately diverge, all the way to the police investigation at the scene, set the warning area to ease traffic accident, slow traffic; all the way to the police in order to prevent excessive frightened pigs run outside the warning area caused two accidents, do not hesitate to pick up the branches as a "catch the swineherd". Until 15:10, the last pig on the highway was safely transported to the rescue truck, vehicle traffic order to return to normal. After inventory, 30 pigs, no one died, no one ran lost, the police tried their best to help the driver to recover the loss. Briefing reporters, high-speed traffic police also constantly remind: if the driver of vehicles suddenly burst, should grip the steering wheel, no matter how fast speed, no matter where the front to offset, to keep a fixed correction angle. At the same time, to slow down the brakes, remember not to rush to the direction of correction, so as not to lose control of the vehicle, traffic accidents, resulting in serious consequences. (end)?相关的主题文章: