Trump Obama met with the White House beat angry according to popular network (map) iptd-651

Trump Obama met with the White House beat angry according to popular network (Figure 9), Trump won the U.S. presidential election to the White House aides dignified and depressed, right in front of 3 for the president’s national security adviser Susan Rice. Original title: Trump and Obama met with "West Wing angry as" fire Barack Donald Trup 10 were invited to visit the White House, and the incumbent president Barack met Obama. A white house staff collective reveal uncomfortable expression of photos on social networks spread rapidly. Later media reporter rumor this is clarified, the day before the photo. This "West Wing angry as" issued by the earliest seems by the micro blog site "Twitter" named Emma Kennedy "users, her address in the British capital of London, said" all White House aides came to see Obama welcome the next president Trump". In the photos, including the president’s national security adviser Susan Rice, White House chief of staff, dozens of expression or frustration, or indifference, or dignified, appear not welcome, enthusiastic attitude. Including many Democrats, many Twitter users forwarded this photo, and some also with their own interpretation. Some small American media said Obama welcomed Trump for gospel truth, and his aides are very sad. At the scene reported that Obama and trump will meet the "political" website reporter Edward – Isaac Dover is quick to clarify: this picture is actually shot Obama 9 in the White House Rose Garden speech, Trump was not at the scene. However, from the day the media broadcast photos, watching Obama in his speech on the Republican election, expressed the hope that the successful completion of the handover, the West Wing mood is really not too good. Trump 8 in the presidential election by a large majority defeating Obama behind the Democratic candidate, former Secretary of state Hilary Clinton, making almost one-sided support for Hilary of the American mainstream media stunned, also made before the election showed Hilary many obvious advantages of public opinion survey questioned. During the campaign, Obama and Trump repeatedly acrimony. However, the White House spokesman Josh Ernest said 10, two people in the day of the meeting may have some people expected so embarrassing, the two did not resolve their differences, but the two sides have agreed to promote efficient and smooth handover. Two people in the media in front of the lens is quite easy, even in an interview with Trump said Obama is "". (Xinhua Hu Ruoyu) [micro] manuscript editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: