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True leader director harden Popovich did not win the climax too powerful strokes – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing time on November 10th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Houston Rockets game at the Sanantonio spurs. The Rockets finished, 101-99 victory over the spurs. In this game, harden played 41 minutes, scored 24 points and 15 assists and 12 rebounds and tenth career occupation scored three double. In addition, after the game, harden 5 consecutive games two assists, Lippi – Freud, he also became the first to do it in the Rockets in 1990, Freud had 5 assists the performance of 10+. The first 7 games before the season, the Rockets won 4 wins and 3 losses, barely say the past. But compared to the ups and downs of the team, as the star of the play is always stable and harden. Just want to prove that the new system, rocket power, transformation harden really successful, they also need to take one of the league’s top teams to verify. Today at Spurs, harden and his rockets finally got this opportunity. The first section, para spurs guard Mills harden, both in height, or strength have obvious advantages. So, after the opening, harden is very easy, whether the ball draws the defense after the ball singles or personal attack, frequent work. In harden’s rocket, single section in the Spurs home court even once established the leading edge of two digit. The almighty power will undoubtedly make the Spurs harden very headache, while Popovich also in the second section, he developed a lot of defensive tactics. But harden but always clever grabbed the edge. Individualattack blocked, he was passing through, looking for a place at a teammate; and defenders once lax, can alert to kill out of beard, a blow to the opponent. So, in harden under the control of the rocket has been firmly suppressed the Spurs. Easy side battles soon after, when harden Ariza three pass into the net, this time, he has easily scored points + assists two pairs of transcripts. The Spurs strong without them, their rich experience, excellent coaches, is more difficult than the other team in the league. Just this night, all in front of all lost light harden. Last, the Spurs just score counter ultra, harden will return to the game. Shortly after the debut, harden again sent two times pass, but also through their own jumper recorded scores, after the 7-0 wave of small climax he personally directed the Rockets to 6 points ahead. Even more amazing is that in the imperceptibly, harden rebounds double, so, he had tenth career regular season won three double. At the last moment, harden caused Ginobili foul, but rare two free throws. Unfortunately, the Spurs side, the core Leonard also did not seize the opportunity. Away victory over the Spurs, which is undoubtedly the opening season, the Rockets have the most gold victory. But the key moment, harden coolness, his charisma, and also has a few years before completely different! (Poirot)相关的主题文章: