To ease the maternal 4 principles – sickness Sohu

To alleviate morning sickness 4 principles of maternal – Sohu when they have the morning sickness situations: Congratulations, has become a mommy! However, the mood is coming to meet the child joy, but early pregnancy morning sickness, often make pregnant mammy anorexia, would get up early in the morning the emergence of a sense of nausea, and even affect the quality of sleep at night, the rest of life greatly affected! What good method can help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, let mommy to regain good appetite? Remember the small meals recommended Shaoliangduocan Mommy maintain way of eating, don’t let an excessive secretion of gastric acid, to drink water or soup, to dine in half an hour after drinking, in order to reduce the chance of vomiting after meals. Some pregnant mothers in order to avoid vomiting, will reduce their appetite, but the correct approach should be a normal diet, otherwise in the state of empty stomach vomiting, spit out the stomach, but it will hurt the esophagus. In addition, the human laryngeal surface distribution of microvessel many small, when excessive vomiting, gastric acid and food friction into the blood, may have some blood, this is a normal phenomenon, Mommy do not be too nervous. Food taboo pregnantmammy should avoid eating fermented foods, such as bread, the bread contains high sugar and high fat, easy to cause nausea, but the pregnant mother can cut edge trimming instead of toast, toast in addition to low calorie, also has the effect of acid absorption. In addition to the fermented food like fried or sweet snacks or fruit, will also increase the secretion of gastric acid, usually also should be avoided; suitable for pregnant mother is containing dietary fiber food, such as celery, corn and bamboo shoots, these vegetables can help gastrointestinal motility, can help the body discharge acid. Change the way of cooking some food in a very pregnant mammy love before pregnancy after pregnancy, but as long as one can see the food, it will produce the feeling of nausea, but pregnant and particularly want to eat their favorite food, but the physiological reaction was so disappointing, so may make many pregnant mother feel very depressed; in order to overcome the psychological barriers Mommy, can change the way of cooking, if usually eat fish, fish can be chopped or flake, dip a little wind? Delete] edible soy sauce, can boil hot instead of cooking oil, can help to promote the appetite. Adjust the daily routine when Mommy to get up early in the morning, do not immediately wash brush, can eat baked dry toast, moderate acid absorption, about 20 ~ 30 minutes interval to brush your teeth, and remember not to squeeze too much time because some toothpaste, Mommy will be more sensitive to the toothpaste during pregnancy so after pregnancy, may also have to adjust the brand, try to pick a non irritating smell, faint floral toothpaste brand is better, may be able to improve the success of vomiting. Mommy can also buy grapes, grapefruit and lemon, fruit peel and cut into thin slices, placed in boiled water, will become homemade natural mouthwash slobber, sometimes eating hardcore food, can drink to improve oral taste, instead of the stimulation of commercially available mouthwash slobber.相关的主题文章: