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This drink yogurt is worth lead: Barbara sister found bird’s nest or friends have the talent? I found a cheap ordinary yogurt, good cosmetic effect, "collocation" is worth the bird’s nest! This is not to lie to you! Evidence: (source: bazaar) fruit yogurt group CP cosmetic effect force Max at micro-blog hot search list, users buddies summed up the yogurt God skill, really makes Ba sister admire! Which is my own sister Barbara a common edible method, taste and nutrition are the best! Blueberry Yogurt = × anti-aging blueberry heat is very low, but has a strong sense of satiety, but also beauty anti-aging Jiapin, the beauty of the woman who will not be unfamiliar, wash it directly and yogurt mix together to eat, which is slimming and anti-aging. Banana yogurt = × if the advantages of blueberry Detox anti-aging, the banana is high nutrition, low in calories and rich in sugar, potassium, vitamin A and C, at the same time to eat banana yogurt can help improve constipation, when breakfast is best, can help the woman have clear bowel detoxification! Strawberry yogurt = × because whitening strawberry contains aspartic acid, heavy metal ions can be natural and clear the body, and the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can also produce human nutrition necessary for VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, when they meet, can make the skin white skin becomes smooth oh and. Yogurt is worth that bird’s nest goddess who knew! Since the combination of yogurt and fruit CP beauty is so good, the goddess of love, of course, will not miss, you see! Have a flat belly to beans, shopping will have a fruit yogurt. Ken Gigi is also good beans bestie fruit yogurt from the body, do not know their flat belly is not eat banana yogurt to eat out? AA is the Victoria’s Secret Angels yogurt fruit loyalists, but look to buy two copies, it is to share the beauty of the rhythm of the secret with the good friend? S Line supermodel yogurt diet Ba sister told you once! Although the exercise Master Kerr sweetheart, but she is very strict to the diet, especially after she will not eat any movement of fat food, but in order to supply energy and nutrition to eat no fat or low-fat yogurt and a small amount of fruit puree. Adriana Lima is the Victoria’s Secret Angels in order to quickly add intense exercise lost energy, she would eat yogurt mixed nuts and bananas, do not worry about calories will not exceed the standard, the loss of calcium and magnesium! There is also the supermodel Hailey Baldwin, yogurt meal of loyal fans, but she is not matched with fruits and vegetables instead of whole wheat bread, so satiety super yogurt carbohydrate meal, as a nutritional supplement after exercise, properly enough! Now I want to go to eat yogurt with the goddess, you have to think about whether or not the same as me!相关的主题文章: