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This coffee shop, rely on to get Google, Twitter investment? The | B12 technology – Sohu will legueu "people will wait for a cup of coffee, they must find it out of the ordinary. "Even in the business tide faded now, also often entrepreneurs gathered in Zhongguancun, a cafe, a port of the" prime minister "left to drink coffee. But in Silicon Valley, investors and entrepreneurs prefer to go to a coffee shop with a blue bottle logo, 3 hours of the team, drink a cup of coffee shop clerk’s hand, even if the coffee shop is not WiFi. The "third wave" wave in the coffee brand, originally from a clarinetist in the fight to win or die down. At the beginning, who did not expect, BlueBottle Coffee (blue bottle coffee) to expand from a small cart to the global market 26 stores, such as Google Ventures, to get the favor of Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and other big Internet cafes, accumulated about $120 million in financing, known as the coffee industry Apple that has become the most likely to challenge the status of Starbucks’s "unicorn". And its founder James · Freeman (JamesFreeman), with more than and 10 years of time, transformed from a struggling musician, as the incarnation of Jobs in the field of "coffee". Recently, there is news that the boutique coffee as a sign of the coffee shop is talking about the next round of financing. In the Internet business touted extremely era, this seemingly traditional coffee industry, and how to make the Silicon Valley geeks fan with investors favor? "If I have any coffee business background, or any experience in business, I think I will never start the business". James · in his own book, "the art of blue bottle coffee," wrote in the book, "Freeman. "From can remember, I have their own ideas on coffee. "But a bad life accessories when coffee is not delicious on behalf of, James · Freeman found that bad coffee will only make your life worse. "I think about coffee, everything is not a problem for me, my career is the problem of musicians", after a long and painful musician career, has become a vagrant James · Freeman, determined, "I need another way, and the coffee is the only thing I think". Unemployment opened James’s coffee business, and in the early days of his career, Mr. James rented a baked bean shack to sell his baked coffee beans. With this process, he was able to have a better understanding of the origin and baking of coffee. After having his coffee car, James began selling homemade coffee in the market. It was not long before people noticed James’s method of making coffee. "At that time, there was a rare, perfect espresso, or a rich, hot milk. "Not with the popular coffee production practices, james.相关的主题文章: