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The woman found her husband derailed to kneel back into mistress to no avail – Sohu news woman found her husband derailed talks about uxorilocal mistress Lin Dan derailed a sad ending fried day, the female enemy between once perfect man overnight. Derailed this thing, really should be a sentence: there is only one kind of happiness, unfortunately, each has its own story. The more than and 40 year old Zhang Ting (a pseudonym) recalled more than half a month ago he almost jumped into the canal that evening, and she could not escape the husband, she really doesn’t know this period of seven or eight years of marriage, what is what? She threw the woman’s cell phone and hurt her. Finally lost money, her husband finally and small three together. The seven year itch ruzhui husband derailed Zhang Ting is a Hangzhou company staff, seven or eight years ago, was introduced to the age of her husband Wang Qiang (a pseudonym), he looks tall, honest and reliable. Because the husband is married, Zhang Ting particularly considerate. So far, two people have a daughter of the age of 5. The most admired husband, the most lovely daughter, she once felt satisfied with everything, life is happy. These years, Zhang Ting was not practical, always feel that someone outside her husband, but he did not have conclusive evidence. Until a few months ago, she discovered the existence of Zhao Min (a pseudonym). Zhang Ting tried to understand the woman from various sources: she looks older than his sixth seven years old, tall and good, still fashionable dress. She held back for a long time, and finally with Wang Qiang booth card, but after the Wang Qiang and did not cut off from the relationship with Zhao Min. Zhang Ting could not help but, the heart a horizontal, decided to tell her husband and small three face to face: "either leave me, you and her together!" It is hard, can they love Wang Qiang, Zhang Ting knew better. The canal "talks" every man had the answer on the evening of October 27th, about three people in the nearby gongchenqiao canal, decided to make a break all the trouble. Zhang Ting a little afraid, she knew his choice, but do not know her husband’s answer. Wang Qiang is a bit tangled, more than and 30 year old Zhao Min, all aspects are better than his wife, but his daughter became his choice. Only Zhao Min’s heart is not worried: iron heart with Wang Qiang. "Please give me back home, the husband back to me, we have children……" The moment I saw Zhao Min, all preset aura was gone, Zhang Ting kept pleading, even under the knees. However, Zhao Min’s attitude is firm and indifferent. Thus, the fierce quarrel began. One impulse, what words can pop out. This time, the shore of the busy uncle aunt immediately surrounded will come up. "You don’t get excited. Like what ah……" Wang Qiang felt a public occasion, do not hang on the face, pressure voice whisper. Zhang Ting no matter, not cry, only to hard, to Zhao Min how ugly how scold, attracted a commotion next to the masses. Zhao Min is not fuel-efficient lights, scold anxious, angry, flay suddenly jumped into the canal, the scene suddenly out of control. Wang Qiang anxious to save people, immediately followed jump?相关的主题文章: