The United States accused the Russian humanitarian convoy to Russia strongly denied firing 66814

The United States accused the Russian humanitarian convoy to Russia strongly denied firing data figure: U.S. troops to participate in military exercises in the original title: the United States accused Russia of international humanitarian convoys to Russia to refute unfounded "fire: the United States accused Russia to international humanitarian convoy fired baseless" 20 days, the Russian presidential press Secretary Per Skov strongly denied the accusations of the United states. 19, the delivery of relief supplies by a United Nations and Syria Red Crescent coalition convoy attack in the northern city of Aleppo on the way to Syria, once again led the Russian war of words. Russia and the United States at the end of this month 10 days to 7 days of the Syrian parties to the conflict ceasefire agreement on 19 day humanitarian convoy attacks, the UN then announced the suspension of supplies to syria. According to Agence France-Presse, a fleet of 31 cars, of which 18 vehicles were destroyed, including about 20 civilians were killed in Syria Red Crescent employees. However, the details of the attack is unknown, it is unclear which country’s aircraft carried out the air strikes. The Pentagon, 19, said the United States led the fight against the Islamic state (IS) coalition was not involved in the matter. A senior U.S. official said, "there are only two possibilities", meaning that Syria and Russia are involved. U.S. State Department spokesman Kirby said, the United States on the delivery of humanitarian aid convoy was bombarded with news of anger…… The incident is a major blow to our efforts to restore peace in Syria, the United States will re-examine the relationship between Russia and Syria in the framework of the issue of cooperation. Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov 20, denied U.S. allegations, he said, the Russians are investigating for the attack, and remind us not to fire the Syria army. Syria news agency quoted 20 Syrian military sources as saying that the Syria army did not bomb the United Nations humanitarian convoy in the outskirts of Aleppo. United States, "time" magazine website published an article that the transport convoy attack appears to be a signal of the failure of the parties to the conflict in Syria failed to terminate the violence. Bowen, a senior editor at Broadcasting British Corporation’s Middle East, believes that the situation in Syria is very complicated and there are serious problems in the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.相关的主题文章: