The two Sichuan earthquake in Litang County caused more than 300 villagers’ houses damaged in Beijin remonstrate

The two Sichuan earthquake caused more than 300 households in the village of Litang County houses damaged – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, September 23 (reporter Zhou Xiangji) 23 am, a magnitude 4.9 earthquake and 5.1 earthquake occurred in Sichuan Province, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Litang county. The reporter learned from Litang County, more than 300 villagers houses damaged to varying degrees, 20 km of rural roads damaged unobstructed, currently no reports of casualties. Display provides disaster: Litang County as of 23 May 16, Warne Township 6 village houses affected by the earthquake collapse, 15 houses severely damaged, 293 houses damaged lightly. The village patency of bridges and culverts damaged 3, bridge damage 20, pass the village roads damaged unobstructed 20 kilometers, is expected to disasters caused economic losses of more than 2760 yuan. According to the Chinese seismic network officially measured: Ganzi, Litang County Wo Ni Xiang in September 23rd 47 4.9 earthquake, 5.1 earthquake occurred at 1:23. After the earthquake, Sichuan Provincial Seismological Bureau sent a group of experts on the same day 3 to 15 people, the night rushed to the quake earthquake disaster assessment. Ganzi civil affairs, housing construction, land, disaster prevention and mitigation and emergency management personnel rushed to the disaster area, to carry out disaster investigation nuclear disaster, guiding the work of earthquake relief. Litang County launched three earthquake emergency response plan, to do a good job in earthquake disaster preparedness; nearby Batang County also launched an emergency work, the township village, quickly into the school survey, to understand the situation, the school students transferred to temporary shelters for rest. It is understood that the current rescue work is orderly.相关的主题文章: