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The two French, in Monet’s garden in Giverny found a secret…… Sohu mother at 70 km from Paris, the town of Giverny because the impressionist painter Claude · Monet’s garden and well-known, far and near. Monet in 1883 settled by the construction yard, digging ponds, build the studio, he is a gardener and painter, the garden into a dream studio. Monet almost every day the easel branch in the courtyard, until his death, Giverny garden gave him countless inspiration. The Monet water lily series is in the garden, Monet created his masterpiece: Lotus series. His painting presents a different beauty of lotus in a different light, there are nearly 300 paintings about Lily was born here. However, with the increase of age, disease aggravation, Monet’s paintings of the size is also growing, but he is still not put down the pen. Monet’s dream is a masterpiece of people feel the inner peace "for the French painting, lotus is a symbol of life, in Monet’s paintings are eternal. The Giverny garden of Japanese bridge like heaven flowers garden, now still intact, full of vitality. Monet’s "Lotus" – Paris orchard Gallery today we can see the Monet in many museums, art galleries, after viewing his works, there is a curious little friend asked: Monet painted animal garden in Giverny? With this question, the French children’s book writer El’s and illustrator Girel, began looking for secret — Giverny garden in "water lilies" beautiful dream in color? In a garden in Giverny, a lot of animal life, the owner of the garden is a white bearded painter. Unfortunately, he is often attracted by the flowers, animals are not the protagonist of his paintings. Light rain frog also want to become the protagonist. "That…… Come and draw me! Look, I didn’t lie to you, I am a water lily! Just a little bit green……" Then, she secretly looked at the corner with the eyes of the opium poppy painter. The painter took a leisurely stroll in the garden. Have a look here to look at the side of the iris, dahlia. He went to a small bridge, and he finally stopped. He went to a small bridge, and he finally stopped. An Dongni jumped on a water lily painter in sight, motionless, until the lunch bell rang, the painter left, she went to the bridge to see his paintings. But where is the frog? The picture in addition to deep shallow green, no anthoney figure. Another day, Anthony jumped into the artist’s hat. "Why? What’s in my hat?" The painter was surprised, "interesting, looks like a light green water lily." Say he took up the brush. This time, she finally had a portrait of herself. She was so fond of the picture that she couldn’t help it!" An Dongni stepped back and jumped at his portrait. The water – pond Splash: easel, brushes, and paintings. Hyla fall相关的主题文章: