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The Russian border detection of the new telescope injective electrical signal or from an alien civilization of Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 31st morning news recently, astronomers in the nearest stars near the star exoplanets found around the news once again attracted public attention. However, although the exoplanet is located in the habitable zone, the possibility of life on it is still very, very small. But recently there is another message has been ignored by many people: engaged in radio astronomy research scientists using a device in Russia received a mysterious signal, causing concern in the industry. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence agency SETI said, the astronomical telescope located in Russia received a new signal from the universe. These signals from the number of stars HD 164595, is part of the earth from the "not too far away" (Hercules). The star is about 95 light-years away and is estimated to be about the age of about 6 billion 300 million years, the size of which is about 99% of that of the sun. It has at least one planet HD164595b, with the size similar to Neptune orbits the star’s orbital period is about 40 days. Other planets may also exist within the system. The signal is obtained by using the RATAN-600 radio telescope at Zelenchu Kors Kaya (Zelenchukskaya) in southern russia. Of course, in related news, the wording is quite cautious, and stressed that this is only a preliminary analysis of the results: "no one claim that this is a signal sent by extraterrestrial intelligence, but there is no doubt worthy of further study. According to the signal strength, the researchers believe that if this is a sign of isotropic (i.e. not directional emission, but from the distant stars, toward the launch, then from all sides) technical level of this civilization may have reached the Carda Xiao Fu index II civilization. If the signal is a focus and point to the solar beam, then they could reach a Kardashian Schopf index type I the level of civilization. But it did not rule out the possibility of the signal is noise, such as in Paris, a group of researchers led by Dr. Schneider Ruan is to star HD164595 on the background of microlensing analysis. But in any case, the overall signal RATAN-600 has been so compelling that researchers have decided to carry out permanent monitoring of the target." Another search for extraterrestrial life METI International President Douglas w Koch said: "from the HD 164595 signal reason of concern, because it is near us, and from the sun like stars. If these signals belong to the ‘human’, then from its strong degree can be judged that the other party’s civilization has exceeded human." Even so, Koch does not believe that these signals must come from extraterrestrial life. He said that these signals may also be on the earth’s radio interference, or is magnified by gravitational lensing signal. )相关的主题文章: