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The route was lopsided Beiqi own brand breakthrough – Sohu BAIC independent brand car 100th million vehicles has recently officially off the assembly line, which is regarded as the BAIC independent brand in just five years, has achieved a breakthrough from creation to grow. According to data released by the Federation, the first half of this year, Beiqi own brand sales of 203 thousand vehicles, fifth in the independent brand list, which for a later, a result is good. But this is not the evidence behind the sales data of Beiqi own brand already successful — beautiful, BAIC independent brand development path was established with its original route lopsided: high-end route fight, continued to cut prices; sales growth, profit in sight; SUV market Triumphant news keeps pouring in. sales are not satisfactory, but the car; invested heavily in the introduction of the Saab technology, but the integration of independent research and development capabilities are still subject to criticism. "High-end passenger cars still have to endure loneliness for 20 years. We have to hold the market, the share of hold, if this can not hold back, not to mention the high-end car, hold the share of the high-end cars can appear." Li Feng, President of Beijing automotive Limited by Share Ltd in an interview with the China business reporter, said. In "the increase" dilemma of Beiqi Group Chairman Xu Heyi has said on many public occasions, Beiqi own brand will be the main high-end, out of a different from other brands of the road of development. The so-called high-end, that is, "high technology, high quality, high brand". In order to infiltrate the high-end models, to achieve corner overtaking, in 2009 the introduction of Beiqi Saab technology, relying on the Beijing Benz and Beijing modern technology and talent, the high-end route unashamedly. The idea is: through the transplantation of Beiqi Saab platform, from the beginning to create high-end Saab, so as to support the whole BAIC independent brand strategy. Saab launched the first B class car from 2013, BAIC for its high-end models are close on. But in a few years ago soon, average Saab market performance, until the second half of 2015, BAIC began to increase the Saab product line inputs and propaganda, the layout is in the subdivision ushered in a rare good market returns. According to data by the Federation, in July of this year, Beiqi Saab sold 14209 vehicles, compared to the same period last year increased by 344.7%; 1 to July, Saab cumulative sales of 106188 vehicles, an increase of 94.6% . In addition, the scale of production brought about by sales growth has not led to rising profits. Although there are 1 billion 800 million yuan of income from new energy subsidies, but the Beijing automobile losses last year increased 50% to 3 billion 340 million yuan, gross margin fell by nearly 9%. Since then, one of the world’s three major credit rating agencies, the Moodie company based on excessive debt leverage, Beiqi group’s A3 rating on negative outlook. According to the first quarter of this year reported a loss of 205 million yuan, Beiqi own brand, operating profit fell to -18.7%. For operating losses and expansion in gross margin decline, Beijing said in the earnings report: "Beijing automobile maintenance)相关的主题文章: