The room was the bus run leg brother father constantly in its ear that don’t sleep in Beijing soojin

The room was the bus run leg brother father constantly in its ear that don’t sleep – Beijing the day before, in the 238 bus terminus near Shenyang Wenhui Street Hunnan Shenyang Construction University Simon, tragic accident occurred. A 24 year old waiter Wang riding electric car collided with a bus 238, right leg was crushed on the spot wang. The bus hit the right leg fracture deformation room on August 25th, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter saw Wang room waiting for surgery in orthopaedic surgery, General Hospital of Shenyang military region. His father kept talking to Wang, "don’t sleep, don’t sleep."." Because "sleep" is likely to be the manifestation of syncope shock. It is understood that Wang is a farmer in Heilongjiang, home only an old father. He Shen to work more than a year, now in the restaurant when the waiter only about three months, did not think that such a big accident. The restaurant manager Wang Tian told reporters that the 24 day at 17:30 PM, room service staff Wang Wenhui from south to north along the east side of the street riding, just left the restaurant about three hundred or four hundred meters, with a 238 bus encounter, the front right and the right side of the bus Wang ‘collision. "The bus seems to turn around." Tian said he received a phone call after the first time Wang rushed to the scene and found that the right side of the right leg fracture after Wang deformation, blood dc. In the process of waiting for rescue, Wang three syncope, massive hemorrhage. Police then arrived at the scene for evidence. It is reported that the incident was equipped with a bus recorder. Whether the legs become the focus of responsibility for the accident pending the accident that day at 18:30, Wang was sent to the emergency department of General Hospital of Shenyang military region, and accepted the experts consultation. The focus of the discussion is that only 24 year old Wang can keep his right leg. "Patients with right leg tibia and fibula comminuted fractures, ankle joint dislocation, the naked eye looks like" twisted "leg as deformation, skin and soft tissue with crush injury of blood vessels and nerves, tendons, etc. are damaged greatly, to reconnect is not easy." Liang Jiulong, deputy director of plastic surgery, said. After much deliberation, he finally decided to protect his legs. August 25th, Wang began to accept lower limb reconstruction surgery, surgery time is expected to exceed 12 hours. "With the current technology and experience, the possibility of leg preservation is relatively large, but also need to observe the late functional recovery." At present, Wang’s medical expenses are out of the restaurant manager in the field, has spent nearly 20 thousand yuan, a lot of follow-up medical costs. Wang due to temporary workers, the monthly salary is only about 2000 yuan, and no health insurance. August 25th, the media in front of Wang’s bedside telephone connection 238 bus security officer in mr.. Mr. Yu said that the bus accident insurance is the insurance company, but if you want to pay the medical expenses, must be issued by the police the accident responsibility confirmation, it is only by Wang himself to advance medical expenses. The specific responsibility for the accident, the traffic police will convene the parties in August 26th identified. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Tang Ziyun相关的主题文章: