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The public offering to grab at the premium price set by Jiancang short duration or is the main reason for Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter should be preferred data sources: drawing Wind Jiang Yi compared to the ups and downs of the tabulation officers two grade market, given the increasing participation of return is relatively stable. Recently, with the various funds, institutional funds continue to intervene, the market will continue to heat up. With the rush to raise the increase in the market by increasing the discount rate is getting lower and lower, 10 percent off, 5% off, 3% off, nearly a month in the market has been a premium increase. A way to increase costs rising, staggering. Recently, there are many fund companies began to focus on the declaration given by the product, with the influx of these products under pressure Jiancang issued at a discount, the safety cushion is further compressed. Recently, there are private equity fund manager said, to participate in a motherboard company will increase the price of the final freeze in 3% off, the so-called discount space has been negligible. Subsequently, the printing and rumors, the market determined by listed companies finally issued at a premium, more is to refresh the recent record. Reporters interviewed recently participated in the premium issue of institutional investors, the investor said, in fact, each subject of the discount rate is closely related to the quality of the underlying assets. If it is a very high quality assets, the overall discount rate is now very low, the recent increase in the market, 10 percent off, or even more than 5% off of the increase in the amount of discounts have appeared in. Some institutions are very optimistic about the subject of investment, out of the desire to get the psychological, will choose a premium declaration. He told reporters, in fact, the premium has recently become a declaration or even a declaration. Some of the investment in the field of a large increase in the fund company, in the declaration of the price of a direct premium declaration, to ensure the smooth finalists. "In any case is to increase the number of fixed targets in their own body size of the larger increase in the overall assets, including a few high prices are not the problem." It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned investors said, raised funds continue to enter the field of fixed increase, but also objectively pushed up the price of fixed assets. "Public fund accounts and some products are not the same, because for example such as the investment period of Jiancang, so the public fund often offer more fierce." It is understood that there are more than 10 only set by the fund to wait for approval, these funds into the market, the quality of the assets will be more intense competition. Cathay Pacific Fund, the fund manager fan Lian told reporters that the current increase in the amount of funds involved in the constant increase in discount space is also being squeezed. From the recent increase in the assets of the situation, 10 percent off of the discount rate is normal, the average discount level is 15% off, if it is a good asset, the discount rate will be lower. Set by the project never lose the sale. Recently LETV fell below the fixed price increase, will be a public fund, institutions, cattle scattered all around. A fund manager told reporters, LETV break A thing has its cause. He believes that it is at the beginning of LETV project will increase the price set by the highly sought after, eventually led to the rapid high break letv. "On the market and no matter相关的主题文章: