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The pregnant sow second big coffee review "teach you how to count" – Sohu 1 maternal fetal life starts from the first movement when the baby touched, curled up small feet small finger first and my mother started when there is close contact, happiness from the beginning, from that moment, the mother will be particularly concerned about the baby every movement, the frequency is fast or slow, why not move, how has been moving, that pregnant mothers from the moment began. September 14th National Health Maternal coffee broadcast for the pregnant mother invited Liu Zhuna teacher in charge of the customer service department of Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital were wonderful interaction movement with you. A simple arrangement of the following small classroom content for the pregnant mother, hope to help everyone! Science tips: fetal movement, refers to the activities of the fetus in uterine cavity in the uterine wall shock action. Pregnant for 4 months, began to feel maternal fetal activity significantly from fifth months, the fetus in the womb, hand kick, impact uterine wall, this is it. The number of times, the strength of the speed of movement such that the safety of the fetus. The movement is active the fetus in the mother’s womb, so the baby and mother are very important. 2 normal movement is what look like? The normal movement of not less than 1 hours was 3~5 times, 12 hour obvious quickening frequency is more than 30~40, but because of individual differences in the fetus and some babies will be 12 hours more than 100 times. In general, as long as the movement regular, rhythmic, little change, it is proved that the fetus is normal. The normal fetal placental function, said good, sufficient oxygen delivery to the fetus in the uterus, fetal growth and development activities with sound, very happily. 3 how to correct the number of fetal? Pregnant mother lying on the left side, the number of fetal fetal baby meditation experience, fetal a write once, a day early, middle and late record of 1 hours, 3 hours of fetal sum is multiplied by 4, it can calculate the 12 hour movement should be in normal times, more than 30 times. What is abnormal if fetal movement is less than 12 hours 20 times, is abnormal; less than 10 times, it indicates that the fetus is dangerous, there is hypoxia in the uterus. If the movement exceeds the normal times, over a period of time without stopping to frequent movement, or agitation, is the manifestation of intrauterine hypoxia. Once the abnormal fetal movement when pregnant mothers must pay attention. The law is quickening your baby healthy performance, when her life is threatened, the fetus abnormal fetal movement, not only in number, but also in nature, such as the strong and persistent push twist like movement or kick, or even weak fetal animals. Recommendations: 1 once abnormal fetal situation, seek medical attention immediately, so as not to delay the time cause regret. 2 mothers have to carefully observe the daily fetal movement, feeling bad, go to the hospital immediately. A good mother pregnant health education management college online classroom those things, what time to launch? How to watch? What about the next course, the latest information here, "Motherhood" under the big coffee planting!相关的主题文章: