The only one new telecommunications network crime investigation and control center inaugurated in Be msvbvm60.dll

The only one new telecommunications network crime investigation and control center inaugurated in Beijing – Beijing Beijing in September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) to enhance the telecommunications network fraud strike prevention capacity, the only one "the Ministry of public security management of telecommunication network model against illegal crime investigation and control center in Beijing on 20 officially inaugurated. Vice Minister of public security Li Wei, Vice Minister of public security, the deputy mayor of Beijing City Public Security Bureau Wang Xiaohong attended the day’s activities, and check the control center inaugurated. The center is authorized by the Ministry of public security, by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a national strike only a new criminal investigation management of telecommunication network control center, is mainly responsible for the national telecommunications network fraud cases involving account inquiry, payment, freeze and communication tools query, closure work, provide the check and control of capital flow, traffic support the fight against telecommunications network fraud cases. Check and control center has been established since January this year, the national accounts involved more than 40 have been frozen, the freezing of funds of 11 billion yuan (RMB, same below); through the investigation to reduce the loss of 18 million yuan; shut down more than 13 months, the mobile phone number 400 number nearly 30 thousand, with more than 1 pseudo base station fake link. The scene on the day of the opening ceremony, more than 700 yuan of funds frozen by the police to 12 victims in the hands of. The police will be as high as 50 million funds have returned to the victims, frozen. It is understood that in May this year, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau held a combat telecommunications fraud network to intercept the return of funds to return the national ceremony, the first batch of the more than 3000 yuan, of which the victim site return on behalf of 5 million 800 thousand yuan. The event also issued a new telecommunications network criminal cases of freezing of funds to return a number of provisions, and announced that from now on. "Regulations" clearly defined the definition of the concept of "new illegal and criminal cases of telecommunication network" and "frozen funds". The Ministry of public security and the CBRC will according to the public security organs, the banking financial institutions to freeze the funds return inspection and supervision, in violation of laws, administrative regulations and the "Regulations", unauthorized return or violation of units and personnel to assist the public security organs funds obligations, legal responsibilities shall be investigated according to the law. Beijing police said, according to the return of the freezing of funds must be carried out in the public security organs, the police and the victim to make relevant legal documents, the public security organs will not claim the victim by telephone account, through online bank transfer etc. the return of the freezing of funds, but will not be charged any fees "margin", "deposit" funds etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: