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The number of their 6 most stylish gene lead frigidity circle: two days ago we talked about Christian Lemaire, UNIQLO personally penned a new series of Uniqlo U, and the joint thing is how to let consumers in droves. Now, come to rob joined forces joint series of another one, from the Freemasonry old partner: COS and HAY. (source: Fruit Library (guokuapp)) original title: MUJI, the 6 most stylish gene frigidity wind Home Furnishing public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! HAY × COS never, the two joint product are minimalist control want most. At the same time as the urban petty bourgeoisie class abnormally brand, both in their respective fields are spare no effort to Scandinavia’s minimalist aesthetic into popular culture, if busy people really want a good taste no brainer, just as COS and HAY can make people at home and abroad to achieve this wish. In short the two marriage really fall in love, the first is the COS store display a water using HAY products, and then to the "Wooden Wonderland" joint children’s series, in September 2015, part of the COS designated shop began selling HAY furniture, so they invited the Spanish designer Tomas Alonso designed two fold this is the two tables, the first product of cooperation, although only two, but also immediately captured the world minimalist lovers. Now, COS× HAY; the home goods launched third times, including chairs, cups, storage products, stationery, textiles and so on, a low-key and design sense of the room ran in front.   compared to the previous season’s fresh tone, this autumn and winter series HAY for COS to bring a richer and more deep color, it seems more fit in the autumn and winter atmosphere. Iittala × ISSEY MIYAKE in February this year, GoerTek skin design week, from the fashion industry and Home Furnishing two heavyweight brand collision exciting sparks, Lssey Miyake’s iconic   pleats please finally from the clothing into life, and Iittala cooperation launched called "a collection for everyday rituals" Home Furnishing a series of products, including textile, glass, ceramics and other thirty kinds of products, the traditional style with innovative materials, color implement Nordic easy soft, also most incisive performance of the iconic Lssey Miyake fold and fold. Although from the ends of the earth, but the two brands in their respective industry leaders are undoubtedly to eternal and innovative ideas, this time together even Iittala of their own design is ideal for all feel competent. E相关的主题文章: