The National Day travel Jiangxi province traffic police department will be the network broadc

The National Day travel   Jiangxi province traffic police department will be the network broadcast real-time traffic channel – Jiangxi – National Day Golden Week this year, Jiangxi police are not idle. In addition to the normal way of law enforcement, according to the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, traffic police will also be in our province from September 30th to October 7th, in Nanchang, Mount Sanqingshan, and Wugong Mountain City, moon mountain scenic area, and 13 high-speed toll station service area, open the "National safe travel micro live". By then, all the people can not only see the police turned "host" the traffic regulations, direct traffic police enforcement, but also by the traffic police to provide an aerial view of the road, watch the national day. Scenic spots of National Road micro live reporter learned that morning of October 1st 10, the Nanchang police will "live" in the mobile phone APP platform, live "eleven" golden week Nanchang city traffic information released online, tourist attractions travel reminder, site and investigate violations. In addition, Pingxiang traffic police detachment on October 1st morning 9 when, through the mobile phone "live" APP platform in the Wugong Mountain area, the traffic flow situation in the whole tourist scenic areas of Wugong Mountain to live, and live to seven seats or more passenger violations dealt with the situation. In addition, October 2nd at 9:30 in the morning, Yichun traffic police detachment and Mingyueshan brigade will be through the mobile phone "live" APP live platform Moon Mountain Scenic and the surrounding traffic violations investigation; 2 at 10:30 in the morning, Shangrao traffic police detachment and Mount Sanqingshan brigade will "live" through the mobile phone APP platform, visitors to the Mount Sanqingshan scenic road and travel bulletin broadcast prompt. The aerial is informed of high-speed traffic it is understood that the National Day travel safety micro live place also covers the major high-speed sections, including the Shanghai Kunming Expressway Jiangxi and Hunan Provincial Dayi (Pingxiang), the Shanghai Kunming Expressway Jiangxi Zhejiang provincial Liyuan, Chang Fu silver high-speed nine section, nine section, hangrui high-speed Jing Nanchang North toll station, hangrui high-speed Jingdezhen to Wuyuan Road, wide high-speed (Ganzhou province), Jinggangshan Sanyi interworking toll station, the wide high-speed Ji’an service area, hangrui high-speed Jiangwan section, Wuyuan Zhang Ji high-speed service area of Xiajiang, Shanghai Kunming Expressway Mount Sanqingshan service area, blessing silver high-speed toll station east of Nanchang 13 Highway Toll Station and service area. The reporter understands, high-speed traffic police to carry out micro live, its content in addition to the highway real-time traffic broadcast, will also speed the main blocking point analysis and prompt bypass route. In order to let the majority of owners understand the high-speed road, the traffic police department will be the first in the broadcast out aerial, all-round, multi angle to let the owners first hand traffic information. (reporter Liu Wenjun) (Jun Qiu Ye, commissioning editor: handsome)相关的主题文章: