The mystery of the moving style George W. Bush paintings to be published

The mystery of the moving style: George W. Bush paintings forthcoming original title: the mystery of the moving style: George W. Bush paintings forthcoming Iraq’s current Prime Minister Maliki after leaving the White House, George W. Bush in the field of art rediscovered self. A milepost is about to usher in the former president in his second career, he made numerous members of the military and veterans after the departure, he gave them painted portraits and assembled into a book, the book named "courage: Guide to American portrait of the Warriors" (PORTRAITS OF COURAGE:A Commander to in Chief s Tribute to "America ‘s Warriors) as a late bloomer, George W. Bush in 2012 to pick up the brush, from an art teacher, who had predicted that he would" shine through the history of art". George W. Bush’s first painting was signed as "43" (implying that he was the forty-third president of the United States), for fear of being laughed at by everyone. 2013, when the Romania hacker Marcel Laz? R black into Bush’s sister’s mailbox, get the oil painting photos, and to provide political gossip website Gawker. The photo shows Bush’s early is to take the dog, grape, watermelon, and autumn sunset, and even their own bath and shower like lianbi. At that time, his technique and object in the controversy caused by the critics almost when he was president. Gawker dig a lot of details of Bush’s paintings, and finally they had to go on television to explain why the art of life. Earlier this year, hackers Laz? R was extradited from Romania to the United States and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Gawker removed the article, but can still be found online. After the accident, Bush held his first solo exhibition at the Museum of the president’s Library in the name of "the art of Leadership: the president’s personal diplomacy" at the time of the accident in the wake of the president’s visit to the. In the exhibition, we see a more mature painter, Bush, who has been transformed from an animal to a leader of more than and 30 countries that are still alive. "New York Times" says that he has "the mystery of the techniques, photos into a more embarrassing image, complemented by distorted and clumsy strokes," and this vintage shop to. A portrait of Karzai Berlusconimusharrafte Singh, but anyway, this book will become the master of the painter Bush. Although the publishers refused to disclose in advance preview or commentary map, this work is expected to further consolidate the status of Bush art festival. This book was first published on February 28, 2017, paperback edition hardcover edition is priced at $35, $250. All proceeds will be donated to George · W· President of the center of the to help those veterans after the incident of 911. Good gay friend Zhen Lou source: Fried Eggs network Author: Xu Shu相关的主题文章: