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The millionaire develop program began in Changsheng colorful investment – fund channel investor Buffett said: "Noah has not been in heavy rain, began to build the ark." Financial planning as early as possible, also need to make a compound as early more time to enjoy. But let the time rose blooming fund investment charm index burst table, especially the theme of investment Changsheng fund’s fund more than just the theme of excellent performance suitable as bid. In order to meet the low interest rates and asset shortage under the background of rising demand, investors will be set to vote "brand, Changsheng fund’s colorful life will vote on the upgrade, respectively for the early start, thirty, forty, or fifty to know fate and pastoral old-age financial groups to provide more solutions for the investment plan. The early start of the young people, is to buy a car and rush, energy and funds are limited, so long will be recommended as follows: colorful combination of Changsheng electronic information industry (40%) + Changsheng Aerospace marine (30%) + Changsheng urbanization theme (30%) or long (emerging growth 40%) + Changsheng Aerospace marine (30%) + Changsheng urbanization theme (30%). According to preliminary estimates, the proportion of investment in five years, the combination of more than fixed investment rate of return will more than double, 100%. Specific view, Changsheng electronic information industry is the first domestic TMT theme fund, Morningstar star fund and Taurus fund since the establishment of a double king, yield up to 289.50%, the annualized return rate of 37.15%, ranking first in the same. Changsheng emerging growth is a flexible allocation of hybrid funds, into the retreat can be defensive. The above two funds by Taurus fund brokerage researcher and head of Zhao Nan management, insurance information management experience, Zhao Nan has a good selectivity and market timing ability, formed to pursue the concept of absolute investment returns. In the stock index this year fell over 20% in the background, Changsheng emerging growth adhering to the absolute income method, market gains of 20.1% yield in hybrid funds, the top three. The first batch of military theme fund Changsheng aerospace industry since its inception in 2014, the rate of return of 73.4%, annualized return of 26.4%. Turning to the fund’s investment prospects, insiders pointed out that this year by the international political changes and the central government to promote the integration of military assets related policies, military theme has a huge market imagination. At the same time, the South China Sea also makes the military hot events threatened by growing crises, the market is expected to continue. In addition, to benefit from economic restructuring, reform dividends, the new urbanization industry there is a certainty of investment opportunities. Changsheng urbanization theme fund relates to green environmental protection, smart city, big data, medical pension and modern agriculture such as the future of the most investment theme of explosive growth, investment potential. Changsheng fund since the establishment of the theme of the fund yield 98.52%, the annual yield of 29.23%, ranking the top 20. Changsheng urbanization theme fund by Changsheng fund equity investment director, deputy general manager Wang Ning personally helm. According to statistics, Wang Ning securities practitioners up to 17 years, is currently the longest serving fund on the market.相关的主题文章: