The Mid Autumn Festival 11 Beijing Park tourists 330 thousand passengers in Beijing – topped Tiantan cancam

The Mid Autumn Festival 11 Beijing Park tourists 330 thousand passengers – Tiantan topped Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zuo Ying) yesterday, bright orange osmanthus fragrance, many visitors to the park for public viewing. 11 municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum "Mid Autumn Festival theme garden Yue garden", "Pinot, autumn, climbing, water and other four series of activities officially kicked off. As of 3 pm, 11 municipal parks and China Garden Museum visitors received a total of 330 thousand public trips, the park visitors all day long than the average weight distribution, the garden environment is very comfortable. Among them, 65 thousand people in Tiantan, Beihai, a total of 51 thousand passengers, Taoranting Park, 40 thousand people, ranking the top three. It is reported, climb, cruise, flowers, landscape view become the mid autumn holiday garden four forms. Xiangshan, Jingshan Hill in the morning will usher in many enjoy autumn climbing tourists, many tourists choose to ride the cable car and enjoy the scenery. This boat rafting popular with tourists, Taoranting Park, Zizhuyuan, Yuyuantan offshore cruise rate has been high. The Summer Palace, Tiantan, Beihai, the zoo is still the most popular scenic spots, all day off in a continuous line. In addition, many visitors to the park, so climbing moon, Beihai Jingshan Hill, Zhongshan Park from the afternoon, traffic will continue to increase, mountain view water and wait, and swim and enjoy romantic pleasure. J170相关的主题文章: