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Lose the border zone stronghold of the Islamic state in the island than the Prime Minister of Turkey · Yildirim said 4 days, the Turkey army and the support of the Syria armed opposition has seized the extremist organization Islamic state in the last few strongholds in Syria border area. This means that the Islamic state forces lost all border border area, personnel and weapons transport channel is closed. Lost channel Yildirim 4 in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir said in a speech in Turkey soil, the army and the "free army" in Syria has "all terrorist organizations" out of Syria and the borders of the southern Turkey region, "from Azaz (Syria) to 91 km long border between Gela Bo Ruth now completely safe". Reuters reported, 3, Turkish army tanks crossed the Syrian border, the Syrian armed opposition from the west, to seize the Islamic state in the last several villages of Syria border control, and halted the Syrian Kurdish people’s protection force "to expand its sphere of influence momentum. Headquartered in London, the Syria Human Rights Watch said, "at the end of two villages in the Islamic state control in this region is captured in the afternoon of 4. Located in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo in the northeast of the Syrian border area, is an important channel for the Islamic state personnel in and out of arms transport. Foreign extremist personnel through Turkey to enter Syria, to take refuge in the Islamic state, but also from the border of the soil to sneak out in Turkey or Europe and other places to launch terrorist attacks. Syria rights group said, in the border zone after the fall, the Islamic state has lost contact with the outside world. Retreat since 2013, the Islamic state before the civil war in Syria to occupy the site in Syria in 2014; control of some areas in Northwest iraq. Its control of the Syrian border area has been hundreds of kilometers. However, with the participation of various forces to military strikes, Islamic state forces continue to narrow the scope of. In recent months, the Syrian Kurdish militants in the US led multinational coalition airstrike, the capture of the Islamic state stronghold, the northern Syrian city mambi season; the Iraqi army from the Islamic state recapture Tikrit, Ramadi and Fei Lujie strategic. In addition, the Islamic state more than an important figure in the air raid. Mamby season taken soon, Turkey also joined the "military combat Islamic country". The code named "crossed the Euphrates shield" military action since the beginning of August 24th, the soil forces used artillery and warplanes and tanks, air and ground attacks from the Islamic state target, take the northern Syria border town of Gela Bo Ruth. Soil The Associated Press quoted military sources reported that since August 24th the action, "Syria free army captured 20 villages, the Turkish army hit 383 targets. Analysis Agency IHS said, Islamic state in the first half of this year, the territory reduced by 12%, while a substantial reduction in revenue. Dual purpose however, political analysts pointed out that the soil in the cross-border military operations not only in the fight against Islamic state, also is to eliminate the Syrian Kurdish armed threat to prevent Kurdish forces extended along the border. Yildirim, 4, said in his speech: "Turkey will never allow a man made in the country"相关的主题文章: