The logic of the rich the rich really rely on inheritance or luck Sohu Culture Channel nvidia geforce gt 740m

The logic of the rich: the rich really rely on inheritance or luck? – why does the Sohu culture channel try to gain wealth differently from inherited wealth? If the rich really like the public stereotype that doing nothing, are unwilling to work a loafer, will be lucky to inherited wealth with impunity conspicuous consumption squandered, so there is no such person, we will be better. Of course, such people do exist, as do people who make money by virtue of immorality or even crime. (2015 Forbes global billionaires Bill Gates to 79 billion 200 million ranked first) however, in most cases, such hackneyed and stereotyped expressions is far from the truth. Of the five high wealth individuals, almost four are entrepreneurs or self-employed. Even the richest of the rich, many of them are the founders of the company, or the family members of the company responsible for the operation of their parents. You will never know their story: Bill, the richest man in the United States, founded Microsoft. Howard, who grew up in a poor neighborhood in the United States, was a manual laborer who earned more than $2 billion through the development of the Starbucks coffee chain in the world. Google Corporation founder Sergei brin and Larry page?? on the idea of a search engine proved to be very great, so that they become the two richest person in the United States, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to be roughly the same?. These people have a profound influence on the world in which we live. So the wealth is inherited from the people? The American economist Milton very influential as? Freedman pointed out, there is the tendency that inherited wealth rather than through personal efforts to obtain wealth more popular: "the difference by individual ability differences or by the accumulation of wealth caused by the inequality is considered to be reasonable, or at least not difference the inherited wealth caused by so obviously unreasonable." In addition, I can understand how personal wealth can be treated differently from inherited wealth. After all, the former is the result of hard work, is something to be proud of, while the latter is purely lucky – the result of living in a wealthy family. However, Freedman used to refute the argument is worth thinking: he thinks that a person is entitled "through his personal ability to create something or he accumulated wealth of achievements, but no wealth rights will be passed to their children, it seems illogical; this is equivalent to saying that a person can use their own income indulge in life, but not to give children wealth". If inherited wealth is the world’s "unfair" performance, then it must be inherited from some of the good looks are equally unfair". Catherine, a sociology professor at London School of Economics and Political Science, conducted a series of studies to show that good looks make a huge competitive advantage in the labor market. She found that the average person who had a good face had a higher average salary, and it made him feel more capable and intelligent. Even in court, in all other cases相关的主题文章: