The lawyer meeting is inter provincial supervision of illegal suspects in the prison room smoking in 8l9840

The lawyer meeting is "inter provincial" supervision of illegal suspects in the prison room smoking in new network – Washington (reporter Lu Zhijian correspondent Zhao Dechuan Zhang Junlin) recently, Jiangsu province Xuyi County procuratorate received from the Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of justice of Hebei province reply. Said the Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of justice, the lawyer Dongmou met with illegal behavior, Dongmou has been ordered to make a written examination, and instructed the lawyer self-examination, to ensure that similar problems do not occur. Not long before, Xuyi County procuratorate branch prison prosecutor in the prison room during a routine inspection found the suspect Tianmou is smoking, by asking that the smoke is Tianmou lawyer Dongmou to band. In July this year, the city of Shijiazhuang Tianmou in Xuyi on suspicion of drug trafficking in Xuyi County Procuratorate approved the arrest, the family learned that it was detained in Xuyi County Detention Center, was entrusted with the Tianmou personal relationship in a Shijiazhuang lawyer Dong defended. On the afternoon of July 7th, when the meeting, Dongmou commissioned by a Tianmou family, to give a bag of cooked beef and a pack of Chinese tobacco. This behavior is a serious violation of the relevant provisions of the lawyer must be investigated clearly and promptly corrected." Xuyi county prosecutor’s office in charge of the Deputy Attorney General Lv Yonghui said. In July 11th, Dongmou illegal help Tianmou family to cooked beef and Chinese tobacco verified, Xuyi County procuratorate to the Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of Justice issued a notice to correct the illegal copy at the same time, the Shijiazhuang Lawyers Association, the Shijiazhuang municipal procuratorate Department of criminal execution, and request the Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Procuratorate criminal procuratorial Department to intervene supervision, to ensure that Xuyi County procuratorate notice to correct the illegal implementation of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of justice, supervise the timely written reply Xuyi County procuratorate. "We firmly safeguard the legitimate rights of lawyers to meet, but we are firmly opposed to illegal acts in the meeting." Xuyi county prosecutor’s office, said Pan Jianwen. In recent years, Xuyi County procuratorate strict implementation of the people’s Procuratorate detention center measures to strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure that the supervision does not stay dead. Since July this year, has corrected 5 cases of illegal 5, to review the necessity of detention 7 7 people, effectively protect the legitimate rights of detainees, correcting irregularities.相关的主题文章: