The last year of primary and secondary school textbooks on Chinese simple mathematics to calculate t

The exhibition of Chinese Textbooks of primary and secondary schools is a simple mathematical stock Sohu culture channel tariff Shanghai Zhonghua published "new Chinese Textbooks" Xinmin network more than and 100 years ago, the Chinese students read arithmetic textbook difficult? Is not practical? For now, those few into the antique old textbooks, there is no reference value? November 18th, Shanghai Normal University Library Exhibition of more than 3000 copies of the Qing Dynasty six years (1880) primary and secondary school textbooks to the early years of the Republic, many of which are unique, very valuable historical research. "The old textbook here is probably the most complete and the most precious." The National Library deputy director Cai Yingchun said, the museum’s collection of a number of important or meaningful textbooks. 1901 Nanyang third line reprint "Elementary Textbooks", China is the earliest self primary school textbooks; 10 36 copies of the latest "primary school textbook" series, published in the late Qing Dynasty is only a set of complete and most influential primary school textbooks; the Commercial Press published in 1912 of the "Republic of China" is a series of new textbooks. The first set of the most complete collection of the primary school textbooks, some 77 books. From 1904 to 1906, the Commercial Press published "the new elementary Chinese Textbooks", is the new primary school Chinese Textbooks in modern China is the first set of form and content are relatively perfect, the full set of 10 volumes; Xuhui college history instructor Shihui History Series "world history textbook", published 1914 years 1916, is the earliest in China the maximum length of the world history in the middle school textbooks, a full set of 5 volume hardcover collections. In addition, the museum also kept a number of precious and the Ministry of education for the comments, these materials are submitted by the Ministry of education was the preliminary review comments and modify the label number of pages. First look at the language. With the current teaching objectives, the old teaching materials a hundred years ago is too simple". For example, by the Shanghai Zhonghua Book Company published "new Chinese Textbooks", a total of 50 copies of the first text, although the current Shanghai version of the first grade last semester textbooks only 10 articles, but the degree of difficulty is simply the difference of several "equal level". The first lesson is to learn only one word: "man". The first half of the text is a cartoon, parents led the children to wear a student to take a walk; the second half is a big "man". Second lessons to learn the two words: "mouth" "ear". Third lessons to learn the two words: "mountain"". Fourth lessons to learn the two words: "bamboo" stone". Fifth lessons to learn the three words: "rice" "water" "fire". Finally, a simple text is "unbelievable", a total of 16 words: "I read several of the Chinese reading read a book you read any books". Take a look at a hundred years ago elementary school arithmetic class. According to the current educational system, one to the fourth grade is small, five to the sixth grade for primary school. The "primary school" elementary arithmetic textbook is roughly equivalent to now the fourth grade textbook, which a question: "on two hundred and fifty travelers, within ninety-three miles by train, thirty-eight in the carriage, the other by rickshaw, asked by the human vehicle geometry." Also, question: "father and son two people work, the monthly father Qiansanbaiwushi money, with seven hundred and thirty-eight to nine money, son?相关的主题文章: