The girls today speak civilization nella banner curse how to get married in the Ming Dynasty hyuna

The girls today speak civilization banner nella teach how to get married in November 2nd at the Huainan Normal University in Anhui in the Ming Dynasty, pull up a banner intended to teach the girls to civilization speak, banners "girls today even marry the Ming Dynasty curse what married good children can teach you, cause the students hot. According to the picture display, banners inscribed as students". There are many users feel that this school is suspected of sex discrimination, micro-blog called "small orange Rice porridge small grapefruit" commented: if he can not speak dirty words, you this slogan is slightly rough! There netizens ridicule: single dog fearless. What do you want to say about this banner at Huainan Normal University? It may also express your opinions in the comments. It is understood that Anhui @ Huainan Normal University students today in addition to hanging on the curse of the girls banners, but also hung up a number of other banners. According to the school students said that after the incident, the curse of the girls on the banner has been withdrawn. There are classes requiring students to delete social platform speech. School official Bo also responded to the matter.相关的主题文章: