The girl only use nail polish, to achieve the dream of every girl Princess (video) gamelink

This girl only with nail polish, realizes every girl’s dream princess source: before pregnant mother married Ruby Lin orchid commune in Paris before the shooting tower flowers colorful photos press the entire entertainment in a picture of her face a woman charming elegant, brimming with happiness for every girl to see this group of photos all envy a girl is stunned with nail polish will be the scene drawn out not only that, the girl INS with nail polish painting works is stunning, feel and all of these works are from his own seen Couture Oh, only you think, no these works not her painting is from Singapore Girl Chen kethleen pen you think only with nail polish Manicure but you have thought of using it to paint what creativity often comes from life but higher than the beauty of life Beautiful things are common in golden flower with trailing dress to look at Eiffel Tower queen if there are flower fairies I think might look like this blue purple dress glittering like the night sky star golden Tulle dotted with white flowers very beautiful decoration of Queen fan children of blue and white porcelain style unique elegant tailoring not losing the style is not only the nail polish her use of many elements such as petals such as cosmetics such as gold foil such as jewelry such as feathers and the whole painting process is also very clever is full of creativity and imagination of many girls wondering how Chen Kailin thought of using nail polish to paint? She said, "I love every nail polish, painted nails like to change clothes, very happy! As if the nails were born again, giving new colors! In the ordinary color material not a halfpenny the worse! So I want to use these magic nail polish to achieve the dream of every girl in the heart of the princess!" Just so that you may feel but she will try to be not at all surprising in the water will draw nail polish in the water accumulation and then outlines the black rice porridge to drink coconut milk queen pancakes have to play new tricks to draw two leaves on her works had cut does not lose the other people on the INS is really a love of life good at discovering the beauty of the good girl beauty of the heart, in everyone, the key is how to put us into a power. Chen Kailin said, "the creation is not only a record of the dream to oneself, more is to put the dream told everyone to brave dream!" A small bottle of nail polish can also create a dream of a princess a person if you can do a thing very well that is the biggest success! 2017 spring and summer fashion week in Milan: Prada suppress the expected rebel orthodoxy相关的主题文章: