The Fujian is Liu Qiangdong’s landlord shop 570 this year to earn 36 billion 700 million winbook

The Fujian is Liu Qiangdong’s landlord shop 570 this year to earn 36 billion 700 million story today is a successful counter attack, toward the pinnacle of life of migrant workers in Fujian. 19 year old high school drop out of the brick, the age of a grocery store from the dry up to now open up a total of 570 stores, making a profit of $36 billion 700 million, net assets of $3 billion 970 million in. Purchase of private aircraft, worth 123 million yuan. Buy a mansion, Ocean View Villa, Australia, worth 162 million, and leased to Liu Qiangdong. Finally, even Liu Qiangdong is rushing to do business with him. Breath, Liu Qiangdong also voted him 4 billion 310 million yuan. He is Yonghui boss, Zhang Xuansong. High school drop out, only to move bricks to earn money Zhang Xuansong was born in 1970 in Fujian peasant family, the family’s biggest hope is that he will study hard, in the future to find a decent job. At the age of 10, the reform and opening up, business the most fiery Fujian, village households are the emergence of a large number of Nouveau riche. Zhang Xuansong has also been affected, I thought it was going to go out to earn money, why wait until after graduation? In order to get into society, go 19 years old, he will automatically drop out. Migrant workers have done, carrying the bag, moved over the brick, and later in the introduction of relatives Zhang Xuansong began to do wholesale beer agent in Fuzhou. Relying on hard work, to save the first 1 million just started, Zhang Xuansong nobody no channels, no money no advertising, no poor and blank, competitiveness. What should I do? Zhang Xuansong found a good way, he found that the people’s consumption ability is not good, the retail sales is very low, the purchase is small on a motorcycle, or dengsanlun to go to the market to buy back the hoarding of small batch. In order to grab more of the store owner, he played "door-to-door delivery, service home" banner, a retail store phone, regardless of day or night, wind and rain, 1 hours immediately. Fortunately, he was born to do housework from farm, farm work, not afraid of hardship, door-to-door service will insist on down, after 5 years of exploration, Zhang Xuansong knows the way of doing business, but also from the wholesale business profits accumulated a certain amount of capital. In December 1995, Zhang Xuansong began to look at the retail supermarket in Fuzhou, was just emerging, Zhang Xuansong analyzed the market situation, based on his 5 years of business experience, he judged the supermarket industry than the traditional grocery stores in the concept of more advanced, and business products more, will certainly become a popular format. Visited several commodities supermarket at the Fuzhou supermarket Huarong, Hengfeng supermarket heady, see the huge flow of people, Zhang Xuansong strengthened his judgment, and decided to enter the retail sector. Zhang Xuansong founded the first supermarket – Fuzhou ancient Gulou District profit supermarket address in ancient Fuzhou Gulou District Road No. 14, the only area of 100 square meters, mainly engaged in daily necessities, convenient for people’s daily needs. Zhang Xuansong insisted on the sale of the market to win the marketing strategy, but also won the recognition of consumers. At that time, a towel and others sell 3 dollars, ancient profit supermarket sell only 2.3, 2.5 yuan, for customers, the benefits are visible, so the ancient profit supermarket business was very successful, "everyday parity" business philosophy became Zhang Xuansong’s business;相关的主题文章: