The Fashion Week opens soon, and the fun and fashionable New York blogger comes first! (video) vy canis majoris

The Fashion Week opens soon, and the fun and fashionable New York blogger comes first! 2017 spring and summer fashion week is about to begin in New York, let us follow the fashion of the city’s footsteps, arrived in New York ahead of schedule. In addition to "anti male" of the Leandra Medine, in fact, New York can hide too many interesting and stylish people will wear! Leandra Medine Man Repeller Ins:@manrepeller blog: top fashion blogger, writer and editor of Leandra Medine and other titles should be New York’s most famous fashion blogger, especially her letter from the "interest first", will be good at life or show inspiration from experimental meaning into the daily dress, in a public that simple and practical bloggers become an independent school. She is probably the most special fashion week New York fashion week Leandra model is not only a unique landscape, her blog Man Repeller has already gone beyond the "fashion blog", become a set of outfit, the creative hot information, life style, to explore the mind as one of the New York modern girl Center: MR Community. Claire Geist De Lune Claire Geist blog: open the blog, with vintage style at once. Claire is 24 years old this year, graduated from the New York University, is different from the other fashion blogger behind the photographer boyfriend, spare time to take care of the blog De Lune pictures are mostly with her tripod New York in the background of his shooting. Claire loves the well-proportioned overlap, her retro style is also popular with insiders sought. Different clothing items on her body, to unbelievable is displayed in a form, even a small scarf can be turned into a magical variety, Mary Jane shoes and round retro handbags and other single product repeatedly set the tone for her strong retro style. Serena Goh blog: The Spicy Ins:@theserenagoh Serena Goh was born in California, now moved to New York to live. She thinks her dress style is "when the west coast in the east coast": as with other department of California fashion Bo, Serena tend to wear in simple casual style frigidity, New York girl dare to wear in her other philosophy imprint. A sense of design elements and details, such as a knot on the shirt, dress on the lotus leaf design, a long ribbon… These are… With a strong sense of the overall silhouette played a key effect. Michaela Babuskova FIGTNY Ins:@figtny blog: a blond Mechaela Babuskova at FIG-相关的主题文章: