The development of adaptation to school is more important than knowledge education mkdv-02

To adapt to the habit of entering school is more important than knowledge education. The development of the educational habit of the Sohu is the most important problem for the parents of the junior middle school. Picture Beijing News reporter Pu peak photo did not go to preschool children after school learning will not be far behind? Naughty child discipline is not good, often stir up trouble, will not be a teacher too…… More than a week of school, just enter the parents also entered the primary school lower grade anxiety. So, for at the entrance of the small bean bag, focus on the concerns of parents should be placed where? With these questions, the reporter interviewed a few schools in Beijing low-grade teachers, listen to their views and suggestions. Do not have to worry about the temporary gap in the knowledge of many parents will focus on the child’s knowledge gap, such as literacy, have not learned Pinyin, etc.. Parents worried about the child from the beginning of the first grade was opened gap, often from this. Only from literacy, the gap does exist." Tsinghua School of Chinese teachers, the second grade (1) class teacher Zhao Lina said, not long ago, Tsinghua School just examined the first grade newborn literacy quantity, literate children know 300 Chinese characters the first grade to learn a little knowledge, knowing only 30 to 50 words or less. "However, the child can not read into the standard, leap is fast." Zhao Lina said, parents anxious mood can understand, but do not have to worry too much. In this regard, Wang Xiaomei Zhongguancun three Chinese teaching and research group leader grade class with years of experience also said, "the key is not knowledge for primary school pre-school preparation, and some knowledge of low grade primary school to make up the gap". Habits of the gap between the parents need to pay more attention to the interview process, pay attention to the formation of good habits, is the lowest level of all the teacher mentioned the highest frequency of a word. From sitting to the holding posture and tidy every day from stationery, finishing the bag, and then to learning, school teachers lined up in neat initiative to say hello…… Every detail, need to be repeated, in order to gradually form the consciousness of students. In the eyes of teachers, habit formation is the primary school and the entire lower grade period of school and family needs to focus on the content. There are differences between the one or two grades of primary school students, the child has a congenital problem of development, but also the factors of family education. Among them, the habit of family training is a more prominent issue, Wang Xiaomei believes that this is related to the current concept of educating parents. Wang Xiaomei said that more and more parents agree with the concept of western education, pay more attention to the freedom of the child. But parents in the grasp of freedom, you need to pay attention to distinguish between what can be free, which can not be laissez faire. It is understandable that parents encourage their children to develop their own interests freely. However, in the field of behavior norms, it is not desirable to have too much freedom and no consideration for the feelings of others. "The necessary rules and habits are still to be developed, and the basic discipline consciousness, behavior norms still have to, such as what occasions can speak loudly, what occasions should be convergence of their behavior, etc.." In the final analysis is to educate children to do in the hearts of others". Wang Xiaomei said that the current only child Zi Lin相关的主题文章: