The civil air defense network security prevention and control to weave dense Chaoyang masses guardia minmi

The civil air defense network security prevention and control to weave dense "Chaoyang masses" guardian of peace is not closing – Beijing "air defense network security prevention and control secret organizations so that the people really involved more and more" Chaoyang people "guardian of peace – without closing the legal network reporter Liu Ziyang Tan officer, I felt a bit wrong this two people, you soon see." In March this year, Beijing City Public Security Bureau police station Haidian branch dawn police Tan Fei WeChat security group in a video, two men in the video when they succeeded after the theft of suspicious appearance and movements, ready to leave, Tan Fei with 3 police "drop from the clouds". Public security prevention and control to allow people to really participate in, since the establishment of security WeChat group, the suspect arrested 80% is reported by users." Tan Fei believes that public security cannot do without the masses, like the fish away from the boiling water, only the broad participation of masses, wary of all kinds of hidden moments, to unstable factors formed among the potential. In recent years, more established community policing volunteers as the main carrier of the "air defense network", to the masses of the safe demand as the direction, to promote the peace building process participation, effectiveness evaluation, masses of people sharing the outcome, with a sense of security, the degree of people’s steadily. The neighborhood watch criminals nowhere to hide "Chaoyang masses", a group seems to be equal to anything, from the star drug possession, to prostitution, criminal cases and so on, regardless of the city or the countryside, they seem to be everywhere but nameless, netizens called it "the world fifth ace intelligence organization". According to statistics, in 2015 the cumulative capital groups to the public security organs to provide all kinds of information from more than 41 clues, uncovered 2592 criminal cases, public security case 3671, 3197 criminal detention, the detention order 6994, which came from "Chaoyang people" to the public security organs to provide clues and information of more than 17, from the case 483. Chaoyang District is the largest and most populous city in Beijing, with a large number of registered foreign population, a large floating population and a lack of police force. Located in the National Stadium, bird’s nest and the water cube on the west side of Anxiang community, is a "zero income community". The community in Anxiang, a volunteer named Pang Haiying by the expertise of its own network technology, to assist the neighborhood development the green "small orange light" of APP and WeChat, the public, community neighbors as long as through the mobile phone to sweep, you can join the peace "small orange light" volunteer group. At present, the district public security volunteers exceeded 900 people, more than 90% of young people headed by "small orange light" platform and organization of the neighborhood watch Pang Haiying cooperation, gradually acquainted, common guarding the area of peace. According to Pang Haiying introduction, more and more young people are joining the "Chaoyang people" team, such as lawyers, doctors engaged in the work of young people, use their spare time to provide volunteer services to the community, eliminate the strangeness of neighborhood, enhance the sense of responsibility. "I am a native of Beijing, was living in the courtyard. At that time, the neighborhood like a big family, mutual help and hearing deeply attached to each other相关的主题文章: