The burning man festival analgesics in the capitalist world

The burning man festival: the capitalist world anodyne [Abstract] this looks too cool, is not the ideal society of Marx had an exciting idea like this? There, no one has a special range of activities, but can be developed in any department, the social regulation of the entire production. Local time on August 31, 2016, Blackstone desert of Nevada, 2016 "burning man" Carnival is about to begin, from around the world more than 70 thousand revelers gathered in the Blackstone desert. The Middle East China hemisphere are just through the summer of the summer, when preparing for the year-end bonus eager for a fight and hard struggle, the Western Hemisphere’s creative population is going to put on the annual drama. From August 28th to September 5th, once a year in the United States (Burning Man Festival) the burning man festival is like a raging fire, once again attracted worldwide attention. Black rock desert, "burning man" of the participants. The burning man festival is the ideal society? The burning man festival not only sounded cool in the name, content and idea as well. The story dates back to 1986, a group of artists to burn an impromptu build works of art at Beck beach in San Francisco, is regarded as the "fire burning man festival (burning)" source of inspiration. After a "Black Rock City" organized and planned, scheduled for the black rock desert in Nevada, the end of August each year (Black Rock Desert) held a 8 days of life and art creative offbeat activities, more than more than 30 thousand from around the world called "the man (Burner)" by the participants this annual event attracted to the "burning man festival". In the activities of the official website (burning man. ORG), prominently "burning man ten principles (The Ten Principles of Burning Man)" clearly show the activities of the progress of philosophy: radical (Radical Inclusion), inclusive gift (Gifting), decommidification (Decommodification), Radical (radical self-reliance self-reliance), radical self-expression (Radical self-expression) (Communal effort), community collaboration (Civic Responsibility), citizen responsibility and tracelessness (Leaving no trace), (Participation), instant (Immediacy). In a word, in the second half of the twentieth Century, you can find the environmental protection, anti consumerism, occupation movement, social economy, gender equality and racial equality in the textbooks…… All the politically correct ideas. The ten principles of burning man festival 8 days of activities, it is also the great charm. The burning man festival clear with "de commodification" against commercialism and consumerism, advocating gifts, mutual assistance, solidarity and cooperation. The only thing you can do here:相关的主题文章: