The Beijing marathon this morning some sections of the temporary traffic control ca1810

This morning, the Beijing marathon run sections of temporary traffic control is the original title: "the horses in the north part of the road running limit line JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia Ma Jinfeng) today at 7:30, 2016 Beijing modern Beijing marathon run"". The reporter learned from the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, during the game, temporary traffic control measures will be taken to the section road, Xicheng, Haidian, Chaoyang mainly involves part of the road. In addition, the event along the way to set up nearly 500 medical volunteers and medical security points in the 10, if there is discomfort to the nearest help. 7:30 this morning, the 2016 Beijing modern Beijing marathon run "". By then, there will be 33 countries and regions to participate in the competition of 30 thousand athletes. The starting point of the game is located in Tiananmen square, the end of the Olympic Center in celebration square. The race route is: from Tiananmen square to the East starting point into the Tiananmen square on the east side of road, the road on the east side of Tiananmen square, East (West), Chang’an Avenue Fuxingmenwai Avenue, Fuxing Road, new bridge, West East 3rd Ring Rd roads, garden bridge, Linglong Road, landianchang Road, landianchang Road, North four ring road the south side road, Wanquan River Road on the west side of the auxiliary road, Haidian South Road, Zhichun Road, North Tucheng Road, Garden Road, East Road, Zhixin Zhixin Road, Xueyuan Road, Xueqing Road, slate Road, Branch Road, south of the North Ring, Lin and crafts Road, Olin West Road, Branch Road, Beichen Road West exhumation, Datun Road, Tianchen Road, Tatun Road, West Road, techmatrix Tianchen Road, landscape Avenue, Beichen Road, Datun Road, the west side of the roads, Datun Road, landscape road to the central area of the Olympic Celebration Square Race finish. The whole 42.195 km, the game time of about 6 hours. Municipal Traffic Management Bureau said that during the game, temporary traffic control measures will be taken to the section road, from the earliest start at 7:20 to the end of the game. The specific time to restore the social traffic control sections, by the public security organs of the traffic management department in accordance with the decision of the game. In addition, it is expected that the traffic flow increased from 8 to 12 in the morning, to increase the number of vehicles surrounding the game. The West Second Ring Road, North Second Ring Road, West Third Ring Road, North Sanhuan, North City of Victoria, link and the West Second Ring Road, West Third Ring Road North near the contact line, North Sanhuan contact line, traffic will become concentrated area, suggested that people try to avoid the spectators, or choose subway travel. At the same time, the traffic control road prohibit all kinds of vehicles parked, and stacked all kinds of goods. Remind the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, the race along the intersection of the vehicles and pedestrians should obey the traffic police command and staff are not allowed to enter the pedestrian road race, motor vehicles trailing in marathon athletes, and athletes by special vehicles, prohibited cross. In recent years, too many accidents happened in the big marathon. This time, United Family Health Care collaborative 120 emergency system, will provide protection services for the game. Yinmalasong extremesports, players in the tournament after the half prone to risk. The event set up 10 medical security points along the way, the way to use the former loose after tight, that is, since the start of the race from 25 km to set up a total of 7 points, set up every 2.5 km 2相关的主题文章: