[Thailand] facing the sea, spring blossoms tda7294

[Thailand] facing the sea, the sky is as blue as the sea, like a touch can set off waves. The vast sea like the sky, as if the foot of the waves is the sky clouds change. I want to have a house, facing the sea, spring flowers. Breakfast in the jungle, birds singing in the side, and sometimes flew to the table to grab some food from the dish, do not want to get rid of them, if they can safely with my deskmate. Here, it seems that everyone with laughter, birds singing with joy, small crabs fast pace with excitement, the flowers bloom opened a new day, people’s forehead full of expectation and longing for the unknown. I want to record the sound of the waves, I want to get along with the world, and I want to be the flower in your hair. Like love the sea, love flowers, love the world as love you, there is no need, standing. My heart is slowly being woven into the shade enveloped the sun. Look at the sea washed sand left traces, the world we can not take anything, the only thing that can be taken away is love. Let love into memory, pain into the song. The sky is dim, the night of the sea is deep, silent. Strolling on the beach, facing the sea has invisible waves, but you can see the bright stars, is behind your warm embrace. The sky and the earth moved forward into the darkness, and the dividing line between the sky and the sky was gradually disappearing.相关的主题文章: