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Take you easily familiar with winter driving knowledge! Sohu automobile 2016-11-13 small sugar Douglas said the car frozen pen write poetry lazy, cold wine when the furnace temperature. Drunk to see flowers as snow white ink, full of doubt before the village. So full of artistic conception of the poem, but also the only poet Li Bai to blurt out. What kind of a lamp, 35 friends drink, and natural scene to think people are intoxicated. I have a few days, the weather is getting cold. Chinese night temperature in the north have dropped below 0 degrees, a lot of places in Northeast has ushered in the snow, when Douglas < dadaozatan> suddenly think winter is coming. The winter is coming, it means that we and our car to go through the cold, frost, fog, snow, and in recent years the fire haze challenges. The following is a small partner summed up a few winter driving essential knowledge, we hope to improve safety awareness, careful driving. The cold winter morning is very important because the normal temperature of low temperature in winter, the engine is not easy to achieve, but also increases the viscosity of lubricating oil, lubricating effect is reduced, so start idle will rise to more than 1000 rpm. When idle down to normal speed, the car is enough, which is generally 3~5 minutes. If you really have something urgent to wait the hot car, should maintain low vehicle speed, engine speed in the 2000 turn around in the road, Travel Journey engine sound normal, normal driving can be. The cold winter weather window defogger inside and outside the car glass on a larger temperature difference, the fog will bring a lot of trouble to driving, especially the front windshield and front left and right window. Many of my friends have used the air conditioning system to remove fog, the usual approach is to open the car’s air conditioning and refrigeration switch, air conditioning will be blown to the windshield will soon swept away the mist "". In fact, in addition to air conditioning, fog, the use of hot air can also play the role of fog removal, it is generally recommended that the user to stop the car, because the temperature difference between the inside and outside the opening will be added to the inside of the ambassador glass fog become bigger. But about half a minute, it will dry the fog, and will not be repeated fog. The door was frozen rain and snow prevention day car into the garage overnight before application of dry towel, water and moisture on the car door sealant wipe clean. Try not to park your car on a frozen or frozen ground. The next day, if the door was found to be frozen, can not be hard to pull the door, the door frame should be poured into the warm water ice. Do not open the skylight on the car, such as the temperature in the car and then try again. Not in the water at the snow snow park due to temperature changes during day and night, often after a night parking car will happen icing phenomenon, so is the biggest enemy "ice snow park". If the snow will be parked on the outside, can not be parked in a parking place of water, because in these places, the water will freeze again at night, the tire and road surface frozen together and start the vehicle will make the tire tread deformation, even tearing tire. In addition, our open parking, it is best not to pull the handbrake, this is because the vehicle on a slippery road, brake disc and network相关的主题文章: