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Take away too easy? Hungry to send the courier began to send – Sohu technology to buy a minute, courier and other ten days, the annual double eleven, logistics problems are plagued by many users. Whether it is electronic business platform, or courier companies are trying to improve the distribution speed from all aspects. Now, the problem has been relieved. Recently, hungry and tact, Vientiane to reach a long-term cooperation, from ten together, hungry hummingbirds will start to take part two logistics express last mile distribution. It is reported that the initial stage of cooperation, hungry, it will be in the eleven double during the delivery of large and medium cities in the city of 15 members, the daily delivery of about 1 million courier. The distribution of the main use of the lunch time outside the peak hours of delivery, every morning and afternoon to go to the site responsible for the logistics of the pieces, and in the specified time before delivery to the user. After a month of research and development, has also been hungry and logistics to achieve docking technology, delivery staff will use the new APP "hummingbird pan" for soliciting and distribution. Arrive at the site after the courier, delivery staff only need to use the "hummingbird pan" express on the scanning bar code, you can achieve a lan. APP also supports the exception of single, single failure mark, data synchronization with the courier company, user-friendly real-time view of their express information, but also facilitate the courier company scheduling. (hummingbird pan distribution interface) even on the training, internal and related hummingbird express delivery has been launched in the country, specially used for loading the express basket and other materials are also configured in place. The purpose is to ensure that the delivery of express delivery can be carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, while the normal takeaway distribution is not affected. November 11th afternoon peak before ordering, in eleven the first single double hummingbird sent by the Shanghai Minhang Cao Lu user hand site rider marks, fully open cooperation. (the first express riders out of the double eleven Cao Lu hummingbird) on this cooperation, deputy director of the quality control department Chen Jianwen said Yuantong express network, instant delivery time requirements will be higher than the express logistics, hummingbird in this area has always been the industry leader, hummingbird to join, will help enhance the express user experience; on the other hand eleven, double period, take over one million single hummingbird capacity distribution, which also eased the pressure a lot of Yuantong distribution. Hungry logistics sales director Jiang River said, the hummingbird has 1 million 300 thousand registered riders, in addition to undertake hungry platform waybill, since last year, has started to provide instant delivery service for many business platform. Express the last mile distribution has been a huge demand on the capacity of the two partners will believe the hummingbird is a good supplement. In addition, express delivery will spare capacity hummingbird fully mobilized, while improving the rider’s income. (on the road hungry express delivery vehicles, express delivery basket special) experts, hungry hummingbirds cut the field of express, the immediate distribution market is of great significance, which means that the maturity of instant distribution, is leveraging a huge local life market. Throughout the development of the Internet context, each time the upgrading of infrastructure, have set off a round of industrial revolution. In the 2G era, mobile phone users can only browse WAP pages.相关的主题文章: